India & France have a diverse and complex connection. In 1998, the two nations signed a mutual partnership deal. Regular encounters at the government level, wider scope collaboration, and lively cultural affinity have led to the company’s current growth. So, let’s know about both country relations.

A Quick Look at the French Economy

  • France is currently the world’s seventh strongest economy, having a net Output of USD 2.53 trillion in 2020, down 8.3% from the previous year.
  • France is a core part of the G-7, OECD, and G-20 groups. Their technological superiority places it at the front of industries like aircraft, aerospace, food manufacturing, transportation, railroads, and agribusiness.

India-France Relationships Economic and Commercial

  • India’s trade ties with France are mostly reliant on commercial and economic connections. Ministerial trips by India to France as part of India’s market policies The tours of our Head of state to France (in 2000).
  • The French Party Leader to India (in 2003), the Country’s President to India (in, and the increasing French curiosity in setting foot in Overseas economies, such as India, have attributed to the widening of trade links.
  • A succession of high financial and commercial visits demonstrates both administrations’ increasing efforts in improving bilateral trade.
  • France sees India as an important sector for its goods, and it to boost the number of joint projects and attract investors into and out of the country.


In 2020, foreign commerce between India and France was € 9.04 billion, down -21.99 percent from the prior year’s indicated time. Sales to France total € 4.80 billion, decreasing 22.9 percent from the previous year. The value of Indian shipments from France fell by 20.95 percent to € 4.23 billion. Kindly contact ASAP GermanLanguage Institute at Pune to know more about it.