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Why is ASAP German Language Institute unique? Why should I join ASAP institute only?2020-05-25T11:34:52+05:30

EXPERIENCE– Since June 2005 more than 3000 students studied German Language in Pune from ASAP Institute.

FOCUS– Exclusively for German Language only, which helps to serve learners better. No money making policy like- hiring trainers for all Languages and running more and more courses and getting more business- NO, not at ASAP Institute.

UNIQUE METHODS – customized for Indians. Continuously updating teaching methods to make learning easy and fast. Its best suitable for those who are working and have very less time to study.

COMMITMENT– Life time membership. Most of the candidates who wish to learn German face one problem- What if I miss the classes? What if my company sends me on site for 2 months? Do I lose my money? Don’t worry, ASAP Institute always welcomes you to rejoin or even for repetition of the whole course anytime – absolutely FREE until you are satisfied.

How long does it take to learn German at ASAP?2020-05-25T11:35:58+05:30

Learning German language can be done on weekends or weekdays as per your convenience


(5 days) One and half hr per session

(2 days ) Two hrs per session


2 months

3 months


2 months

3 months


2.5 months

4 months

What are the timings of the batches?2020-05-25T11:42:29+05:30

Batch timings are fixed but you can change the batch/ shift to any batch with the same topic anytime.




09.00am to 10.30am


10.30am to 12pm






What is the fee?2020-05-25T11:43:28+05:30

The fees includes the study material, examination preparation and practice papers, 2 mock examinations as well. We don’t charge anything extra for examination preparation and mock examination. Please contact us for the latest fees structure.

Who can join ASAP for learning German ?2020-05-25T12:23:45+05:30

Everyone who is applying for Visa, travelling to Germany for further studies, looking for jobs, want to enhance or upgrade their job profile or salary, want to make career in German language, want to get good marks in academic studies or want to learn German for hobby.

Can I have a trial or demo class?2020-05-25T12:25:24+05:30

Yes of course. We all want to put our hard earned money at the right place, so the first class for everyone is always FREE DEMO SESSION. We also recommend that after demo session you should also talk to our other students who are studying German currently and take their review about how do we teach, how are the trainers and etc. This will help you to take decision asap.

Does ASAP Institute follows the Goethe’s (Maxmuller’s) syllabus?2020-05-25T12:26:06+05:30

Yes. We prepare every candidate for Goethe’s exams only. So we have to keep the syllabus same.

ASAP means as soon as possible. Does that mean you teach something less to finish batches faster?2020-05-25T12:26:49+05:30

Nothing less. It’s all about method and resources we have. We cover complete syllabus in the shortest possible time with best results- that’s why is the name- ASAP.

If I have done A1 level from some other institute. I want to learn German further in ASAP. Do I need to join A1 again or I can join A2 ?2020-05-25T12:27:34+05:30

NO. You don’t have to repeat A1 level provided that you have learnt that properly. But in case your concepts are not clear or you have forgotten everything then probably you need to talk to any of our trainer, they are best to guide you in this case. May be you need some brush up and then you will be ready for the next level. You can contact at our reception for the same.

Other institutes take lesser fee than you.2020-05-25T12:28:20+05:30

Of course, you may even find classes charging just 3k or 5k for same course. Here comes the teaching quality, commitment, focus, experience and facilities. Some people are running classes just as a part-time activities or they are running some other classes and started German training just to get some extra income as the infrastructure is already available. Many times we get some enquiries saying that they want to join ASAP for exam preparation or for the half course only because their trainer left them in the middle of the course and these candidates have wasted their time and money both. You are learning German once in a life, and that’s the reason why you should join ASAP.

When does the batch start?2020-05-25T12:29:20+05:30

There is different schedule of batch dates at different centers of ASAP. Please contact us to get the details.

Can you help me to get job?2020-05-25T12:30:23+05:30

YES. Though we don’t have any paid service to find job for you, we assist you find jobs in India as well as in Germany. You don’t have to pay for this assistance. Finding jobs is really easy process and we do guide our students for the same.

Do You give certificate?2020-05-25T12:31:03+05:30

Yes, we provide you the certificate from ASAP. But Goethe Institute (Max Mueller Bhavan) is worldwide recognized and is recommended for Job application or for education in Germany. You also have option of skipping A1 and A2 exams of Goethe and you can directly appear for B1 exam. This saves you time of waiting for exam and also around 12,000 fees of A! and A2 exam. So you will write A1 and A2 exam at ASAP and B1 at Goethe.

Does ASAP Institute guarantees results?2020-05-25T12:35:13+05:30

YES. And for this you just need to be our regular, obedient student. We will make sure that you are well prepared for Goethe’s exams.

My English is not good? Is it possible to learn German?2020-05-25T12:35:57+05:30

Yes of course. If you can read and understand English then German is not difficult for you. In fact your English will also improve while learning German.

Do You provide accommodation for students travelling from other cities?2020-05-25T12:36:43+05:30

Yes, If you travelling to learn German language in Pune then we can help you finding accommodation. You can take admission in advance by paying online and we will arrange accommodation within 5-10 days. Rent and other expenses are not included in the course fees and need to be paid by the student to the accommodation provider.

What is the admission procedure?2020-05-25T12:37:23+05:30

Call us or visit the nearest branch of ASAP Institute, get the details of the available batches. Attend one demo class. Pay the fees and continue.

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