Germany has emerged as the hub for education, and aspirants from various parts of the world reach Germany for higher studies. Besides, many wish to settle in this country. Like others, Indian youths also prefer to complete their high studies in Germany and get a good job opportunity there. Well, many want to make a comparison between these two countries; however, it can be a difficult task due to drastic differences.

  • Cost of living

The first thing one needs to consider is the cost of living. As per research, we can find that in India, people need to expend 79% less money for having a meal in a restaurant. Indians pay nearly 60% less amount in groceries. In Germany, 1-liter Gasoline costs $1.70, whereas, in India, it is $1.02. Monthly transportation cost is less in India than in Germany. Well, the average salary in Germany after tax is $2851, whereas it is $452 in India.

  • Weather

There is a drastic difference between the weather of both countries. Germany experiences an average temperature between 20 to 30 degrees during summer, whereas most of the states of India experience a temperature between 40 to 45 degrees. The spring is quite comfortable in Germany as the temperature ranges between 10 to 15 degrees.

  • Traffic and driving rules

Well, here, you can notice a huge difference in the traffic and driving systems. You will experience excellent road conditions in Germany, and due to this, speed limit marks are noticed on highways. Drivers are also given the training to make them aware of the traffic rules. You will hardly experience a traffic jam for more than five minutes on any road in Germany.

Apart from those above, many have noticed that the working process in German public offices is extremely slow than in India due to rigid guidelines and rules.

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