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French Language Courses

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About French Language-

More than 210 million people speak French worldwide. French is the seventh most widely spoken language in the world and the second most widely learned foreign language after English. The ability to speak both French and English is an advantage for finding a job in the multinational companies using French as their working language.

Levels of French language:


  • A1
  • A2
  • B1
  • B2


ASAP Foreign Languages Institute is the best French language institute in Pune and follows the Common European Framework of Reference for languages and trains the students at different levels from A1 for beginner to C2 at the highest. The learner of French language varies from students, businessmen, employees who plan to shift their residence to France. We provide the best French language classes in Pune, as it can be predicted from the overwhelming response we receive from students, corporate and other business ventures. Our trainers are proficient and well experienced to help you to crack DALF and DELF exams.

ASAP Foreign Languages Institute conducts French language classes according to the DALF and DELF exam pattern.

Why learn French?

  • Speaking French will increase your job opportunities and salary potential. France is one of the world’s major foreign tourist destinations with over 70 million tourists every year.
  • It is the lingua franca of culture, including art, cuisine, dance, and fashion. Learning French will increase your job opportunities and salary potentials. And also increases your appreciation from other people
  • French is ranked as the second most influential language in the world.
  • French is one of the most widely taught languages.
  • French is the official language in 41 countries. French, along with English, is the official working language in hundreds of international organizations or agencies.


Levels Timings Areas Covered
A1 – 60 hrs
A2 – 60 hrs
Weekdays & Weekend Listening
B1– 100 hrs
B2 – 60 hrs
Weekdays & Weekend Listening

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