As a language, French is very difficult to master. It has a close association with English. Hence, the vocabulary does not create many problems. However, below we have highlighted 10 common grammar mistakes that you need to be aware of.

10 common French grammar mistakes that you need to be aware of:

  • Mispronunciation

Common mispronunciations include-
  1. Mispronunciation of the ‘r’ letter.
  2. Pronunciation of the letter ‘H’ which the French do not pronounce.
  • Mixing Genders

Each noun in French comes with a gender. The three French articles depending on gender are-
  1. Masculine singular- le, un.
  2. Feminine singular- la, une.
  3. Plural- des and less.
  • Possessive Adjectives

English speakers make the possessive adjective agree with the possessor’s gender. But in French, it is determined through the possessed object’s gender.

  • Misplacement of adjectives

Some people misplace the adjectives defining the French noun. However, whether the adjective sits in front or behind the noun depends on the French meaning.

  • Translation

While making translations in French, most people make the mistake of doing it literally.

  • Subjunctive verbs

Many English speakers are unaware of the use of subjunctive verbs. Hence, without learning proper French, people can make mistakes understanding subjunctive verbs according to the situation and concepts.

  • Object and subject

French learners often make the mistake of placing the object and subject in the right way.

  • Definite articles

People who know English commit errors when they do not differentiate between the English and the French definite articles.

  • Mixing retrouver and recontrer

Retrouver and reconsider mean to find and to meet in French but people mix them together.

  • Pendant and pour

Similarly, people also make the mistake of mixing pendants and pouring.


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