Students worldwide consider Germany as the best destination for higher education because of the career opportunities, affordable fee structure, and standard of education. For students, part-time work, internships are essential while pursuing school or college. According to Germany’s survey, 70% of international students do extra work while seeking the degree to get extra bucks and enhance their work skills and knowledge.

Moreover, living expenses in Germany are quite affordable. Students require extra money; they prefer doing part-time work along with studies. Researchers say that global students need almost 860 € monthly to cover all the living expenses, 10,000+ Euros for one year.

Guidelines for Students from Other Countries:

In Germany, students from other countries are treated accordingly. Students from the European countries, Iceland, Norway, have equivalent rights as German native students within the job field.

When the students from other countries are working for120 days, they’re equally eligible for specific favors and insurance like native students.

 Terms and Condition for the Other Countries Students: 

Students from the European member states, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland, are compelled to follow some rules.

Here are a few things you should follow if you belong to the following countries:

Working Hours – These students have an allowance for working 120 days yearly.

Employment Opportunities – Students can go to freelancing or independent work.

Allowance – If someone wants to work more than the allowed period, permission is required from Agentur Fur Arbeit (local employment agency) and the international students’ registration office.

Language pursuing Students – Language-seeking students have an allowance for working after getting permission from the Federal Employment Agency and the Office of Immigration.

Usually, the German government gives allowance to work more than the decided hours only for low unemployment rate areas.

However, students from worldwide can work for long hours if they are working as academic subordinates.

Where can The Students from other countries find Part-Time Work?

Students should keep checking the various spots to get a decent part-time job as recruiters post them in several places. According to the domain, you can check the bulletin boards in your university, online job websites, and many more sites for job opportunities.

1. Bulletin Board of University:

While studying, you can check the bulletin boards to find job opportunities. Recruiters put flyers and notice on the bulletin board for the college students specifically. Therefore, according to your interest, you can find several options at your university only.

2. Check Online Job Portals or Websites:

Students can easily find the best job opportunities in online job websites. Many recruiters post part-time work or job opportunities for eligible students.

Moreover, the jobs on online web portals are more specific, and before applying, you can directly check the preference of a particular position.

3. Career Centres of the University: 

Most of the university has career centers to help the students in finding a job opportunity while studying. The university career centers maintain relationships with numerous employers and industries to stay updated about the market’s career opportunities.

Students can reach their career centers and tell them what kind of job opportunities they want.

4. Collegemates and Friends: 

You can seek your colleagues and friends’ help to know if they know about the job opportunities. This option doesn’t always work. You can tell your friends that you are looking for a job if they came across one, they must let you know. It’s still good to try your hand at all the available options.

Job Opportunities for Students of Other Countries in Germany: 

If you are studying in Germany, as an international student you can work in different industries. There are several options, like filing documents, academic assistants, and more. However, a job opportunity related to your subject course will help you better.

Part-time work in Germany for Students from Worldwide. 

Jobs for Academic Assistant (inside the University):

  • Work as a supervisor in the library.
  • Researcher in Literature
  • Academic Subordinate
  • Tutor assistant

Jobs Outside the Campus:

  • Waiter or Waitress
  • Babysitter
  • Cashier
  • Filling documents in offices
  • Bartender
  • For journalist student – media
  • For teacher training students – Tutoring

Money You can Make from Part-Time Work in Germany:

As a student, you get enough extra income, but they may not cover all your living expenses. According to the last year’s (2019) research, you can earn up to 9-10 euros each hour.

Indeed, the pay for jobs depends on the industries and skills of the student. You can find high-salary jobs in the bigger cities of Germany, according to their labor market.

Moreover, the production industry, trade fairs, or academic institutions pay more than any minimum wage in Germany.

Do Students from other countries need to Tax Pay in Germany while studying?

You don’t have to pay tax if you are earning 450 euros monthly. But if you are making more money than this, you have to pay some amount as tax. Therefore, there will be some deduction in your monthly salary, and you will get back the deducted money at the year-end if you pay the tax return on time.

Is it necessary for Other Countries to Pay for Germany’s Social Security Contribution? 

However, if you become a permanent worker in Germany, you’ve got to obtain social security contributions. The social insurance contributions involve the payment for health care insurance, medical care, and state insurance.

Besides this, if you’re operating for less than 50 days or two months, you don’t get to pay any money for social insurance contributions. Those that work for extended periods must have pension insurance.


Germany is considered the best country to get an education. It has world-class universities and numerous courses. Moreover, it has high employability rates and low living costs. For students who want to study abroad, Germany is the best option overall.

International students can do numerous part-time works to get extra money. Many students work along with their courses to enhance their skills and knowledge.

If you have any queries regarding job opportunities in Germany, kindly contact ASAP German Language Institute in Pune.