At present, Germany has emerged as one of Europe’s strong economies and possesses a great career opportunity for aspirants globally. Hence many students across the world want to complete their studies here and want to settle here after joining a job in this country. But, many are unaware of the VISA requirements or regulations to get entry in Germany.

Types of VISA :

So, if you are planning to visit Germany and want to start your career here, you need to understand the types of VISA you need to have.

  • VISA for job Seekers :

This VISA enables a job seeker from any part of the world to get entry into Germany and get a job.

  • VISA for Tourists:

Tourists VISA is required for those who want to visit Germany to meet their friends, family members or to have a trip here.

  • VISA for a family reunion :

It enables the family members of German residents to stay with the person in Germany for a certain period.

  • Working VISA:

If you already have got a job in Germany, you need to have this working VISA.

  • VISA for medical treatment:

Anyone who wants to have medical treatment in Germany needs to have this VISA.

Requirements and guidelines:

To apply for a VISA, an applicant to arrange the following documents.

  • Duly filled application form
  • Passport and recent photos.
  • Complete document of health insurance
  • Travel Itinerary which is the proof of your trip
  • Up-to-date bank statement as proof of financial means.
  • Proof of payment of German VISA fee

Additional documents like an employment contract, copy of business license if you have own business, Income Tax Returns, No objection certificate from schools or colleges for students, birth certificate, and more depending on the type of VISA you will apply. Hence all need to follow the above guidelines before applying for a VISA in Germany.

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