COVID-19 has taken a toll on everything, whether they are Education institutes or big companies. Germany also had a considerable number of coronavirus cases. As the pandemic is spreading rapidly, the schools and higher education get closed; companies ask their employees to work remotely.

To prevent the virus, the German government is taking precautions and has banned all public events and gatherings from avoiding corona cases.

Germany is considered the most prominent hub for education destinations. There are 400,000 international students enrolled in various Universities. The government has asked all the international and domestic students to stay home to stay safe and healthy.

Most of the German universities have suspended the exams and summer semester courses for students from other countries.

How are German Universities Handling the Pandemic Situation?

  • German universities are an alternative solution to provide education to all the students during this horrible time. The universities are shifting to the online mode to deliver quality education to students all over the world.
  • However, shifting from on-campus education to an online platform is not easy for all universities. It’s quite challenging or maybe impossible for those universities that provide practical knowledge more than theoretical.
  • Due to transportation restrictions, students from other countries got stuck away from their homes. And some went back to their homeland; if the situation doesn’t get better, they are not allowed to travel back to Germany.
  • The DAAD has already declared the suspension of various scholarships. For the Summer semester of 2020, the classes have already been canceled.
  • The students helping desk and administration officials are working. However, you can’t visit the campus, but you can reach out to them through e-mail or phone call to solve your query.
  • To check all the updated news and information regarding the enrolment and exams, visit your German Universities’ online website.

Here we have researched and gathered all the different universities’ information about their response to this horrific situation.

Common Actions Taken by German Universities:

  • The Universities of Germany has sealed all the provisions on the campus.
  • Students’ facilities like sports, libraries, canteen got shut down.
  • All the student service, administration office, and admission department are working during the pandemic. You can’t visit the campus, but you can contact them by phone or e-mail.
  • Universities are allowing staff-employees to work on campus under the urgency only.
  • All the public activities, conferences, and workshops have deferred.
  • The university has asked all the visitors to inform them if you have contacted an infected person and visited the campus.
  • The on-campus activities are also suspended till the next notice.

Instructions from DeutscherAkademischerAustauschdienst(DAAD):

  • DAAD has announced that there will be no scholarships provided to the student’s foreign countries for the 2020 Summer semester.
  • For those who can’t go back to their homeland, their scholarship supports will not be suspended.
  • The individual programs like – Summer courses, WISE/RISE internships funded by DAAD has been canceled for the summer semester.

Instruction from the German University Online Websites:

Check the information below, given by different universities on their current and feature strategies to deal with COVID-19.

1. Paderborn University

Instructions for the enrolment of Bachelors and Master’s degree 

  • Paderborn University has announced the deadlines for the Summer semester,2020, will remain applicable.
  • The university has canceled all the courses and public activities.
  • For the first-semester students, the welcome party has also been suspended till the next notice.
  • The university has extended the deadlines to apply for a bachelor’s and master’s degree program.
  • Visit the official website of The University of Paderborn for more information.

2. Munich Technical University

Enrolment dates for Winter Semester 2020

  • For the Master’s program enrolment, the Technical University of Munich has postponed the last date for winter semester 20/21.

Information for Summer Semester:

  • Munich Technical University has announced that all the international students who have got the letter of admission for the summer semester 2020 to postpone their course to next semester (winter 20/21).

3. Information from Technical University of Kaiserslautern (TUK):

Summer semester 2020 Application Information:

  • The Kaiserslautern Technical University has extended the last date of the application form for the Summer Semester.
  • TUK is accepting admission for study courses. Students can send the application form by e-mail (pdf format) or send it by post.

4. HS Darmstadt – Darmstadt University:

Enrolment Last Date

  • The enrolment deadline is extended up to 15th July by Darmstadt University.

Information for Summer Semester by HS Darmstadt:

  • Lectures, classes for the summer semester are postponed until the next notice.

5. Technical University of Berlin:

  • The Technical University of Berlin will follow the instructions given by the Crisis committee of TU Berlin.
  • TU Berlin has canceled all the public activities and Term 1 and Term 2 summer classes.
  • TU Berlin is following all the guidelines to prevent the spread of viruses.

6. Esslingen University:

  • Esslingen University is also following all the guidelines to prevent the spread of corona.
  • Esslingen University hasn’t changed the admission deadlines.
  • The last date for the Graduate School admission is the same.

7. University of Freiburg:

  • The medical services of the University of Freiburg are offering services to the students. Moreover, they are taking all the precautions according to the guideline.

8. Bonn University:

  • Bonn University has deferred exams, classes, and summer semesters.

9. SRH Hochschule Heidelberg:

  • SRH has canceled all the on-campus classes and lectures.
  • Students are taking classes on digital platforms.
  • The SRH does not postpone the summer semester; the classes will begin on an online platform.


Germany is the home of around 400,000 students from different countries. It is the best place for educational purposes. The pandemic has affected every area, from industries to colleges, public gatherings to travel, and more.

The German universities are following the guidelines to prevent the spread of coronavirus across the country. Many universities are providing education to students through online mode.

However, you can check the respective university’s online website to know about the admission procedure during a pandemic. and if you want more help for learning German Language Join ASAP German Language Institute, Pune.