Are you the one confused about picking Germany for inheriting quality education away home? But, confused about what college should you choose to pursue your bachelor’s and master’s degrees?

Or the one who riddles around should it be the right decision to study in Germany?

Let’s get it straight, with the modernization of businesses comes a vast requirement of skilled professionals with proficient language skills. Graduation from these top German universities able you to service jobs that pay big salaries.

In this blog today, we’ll discuss what universities ranked on top in quality academics in Germany as per your career choices in STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics sectors.

Universities in Germany scattered throughout 40 cities, including Munich and the country capital Berlin. With 48 universities ranked amongst high peers, choosing the right one has always been a tedious task.

Well, now that you are here, we have made it a little easy for you to choose the best schools that highlight your future career.

Where LMU Munich ranked top in Germany and #63 in QS Global World Rankings 2021, there are many prestigious schools in Germany to take leverage of quality education.

According to Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings 2021, we’ve curated a list of top 5 universities with immense education quality among whole German universities for Indian students.

Top 5 universities of Germany:

  • LMU Munich: 

The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich- LMU contaminated the second largest student population of any German university. It also attracts a large number of international students that the toll rose to 13% of its students are foreigners.

Established and founded in 1472, make it most heritage piece of the educational entity of the country. Great scientists Max Plank, Werner Heisenberg, and Otto Hahn, the college comprises 42 Nobel laureates in sciences and innovations.

LMU University manifolds world-leading research, innovations in the middle of the 19th century.

It’s a prestigious university with affordable academics that makes it the best choice among Indian students planning to study there.

`And in 2005, the German Universities Excellence Initiative funded LMU to expand its educational expertise alongside more solid infrastructures.

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  • Technical University Of Munich:

Dedicated to innovations and technology, the Technical University Of Munich is the only state university with best practices in engineering and sciences in the 19th century.

It was readily focused on engineering when beginning from scratch. By the time economy developed, it’s academics expertise outreached sectors including social sciences, agriculture, neural sciences, food technology, and medicinal innovations.

Its global recognition arose when 17 Nobel prizes got awarded in physics, chemistry, and other sectors to the aspirants affiliated from the university.

Affordable academics with top-recognized affiliations is a must case why over 15000 Indian students flown to Germany to pursue quality education every year.

And by far their expenditure across the Asia continent, TUM established a subsidiary branch as TUM Singapore catering quality education for Asian aspirants.

  • Heidelberg University:

The oldest educational heritage of ever evolved in German history, established in1386. University offers UG and PG degrees alongside 160+ different study programs.

The prime focus of the university was to develop sub-disciplinary traits like psychiatric genetics, modern sociology, and environmental physics.

Almost 20% of the university caterers are students flown from overseas, representing 130+ countries. One-third of the total medical aspirants are internationals.

The University primarily excels in its innovative researches and contributions across a wide range of subjects like medicinal and clinical researches. Around 27 Nobel laureates has awarded to entities associated with Heidelberg university.

Influential politicians and philosophers were somewhere alumni of this university, including Max Weber- founder of modern sociology, who pursued their academics at Heidelberg.

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  • Charite – Universitatsmedizin Berlin:

Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin is one of the biggest hospitals in Europe and Berlin’s largest medical university. Came into existence around 1710, when hospitals built to fight the plague in Eastern Prussia.

By 2003, it submerged multiple medical institutes across Germany and initiated the current name.

More than half of German Nobel prizewinners in medicinal and psychology have either studied or served their services in Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

Medical aspirants from India can flourish their careers by enrolling among the best medical science courses in Charité.

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  • University of Tubingen:

University’s prime focus is on catering affordable education in the humanities, natural sciences, and theology practices.

Situated in one of the traditional German townships of Baden-Württemberg, a city remembered for its canoeing and prestigious architectural design of the town.

University indulged with 150+ international institutes across 62 different nations. So education credibility is there.

Some of them include the University of Michigan, University of St Andrews, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

University reckons of 11 Nobel laureates in the field of medicinal and chemical researches.

It comes with an opportunity to be a part of transcendent scientific researches for students acquiring academics throughout these 150+ universities.

Final Verdict:

Whatever your career interests are, you can start pushing your limits today to achieve the best out of it.

Obviously, it’s a german-lingual destination. Life could be harsh without knowing the language inheritance of the place.

Even Universities demand their students to be well-certified German speakers.

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