Studying in Germany nowadays became a lucrative study sector amongst aspirants looking to grab quality education overseas. This toll has readily risen among Indians, as per 2019, 18,000+ Indians enrolled among top German universities to study their higher academics.

Is Germany on your bucket list for studying overseas this year?

There are plenty of benefits for Indian aspirants to pursue their higher academics in Germany.

Not only in Germany, but India has also stabilized millions of employment, catering outsourcing, and offshoring measures of multiple businesses. Top automobile manufacturers in Germany brands like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche. All these companies demand German fluent professionals in establishing their businesses around the corners of the world. These companies pay big budgets for their marketing campaigns held overseas.

Flashing your German degree alongside other endorsements in your CV enables you to apply for any Indian MNC offering jobs in your expertise. There are plenty of other work visa benefits if you choose to study your more eminent degrees in these top German universities.

Still, confused about whether to send your application to your dream German university or hesitation about life overseas? Or what benefit you adhere in Germany, among its rivals/

We compiled and covered every positive aspect of why Indians should study in top German universities.

1. Leverage Almost Zero- Academic Charges:

Truth to tell, it’s the foremost reason why Indian students are getting crazy to study in Germany. And the toll of Indian students has risen to 14% of all aspirants pursuing academics in German Universities.

German officials are very keen on providing quality education with almost zero-cost leisures paid. The motto states- comprehensive education for all, and they pretty much stick to it. Government funds these universities to ensure that even the poor get quality education to make their world a better place.

If you are applying for a pedagogical program, authorities make sure that you pay minimal expenses and can thrive in a beautiful country.

2. Globally Reputed Universities:

Bologna Reform- an intergovernmental corporation that deals with the enhancement of educational quality across 48 countries of Europe. It skyrocketed the educational panel across the European continent. There is no judgment that no matter what university you choose, almost 400+ universities in Germany are globally recognized for great academic ethics among their competitive universities.

Leverage the best accommodations alongside Nobel prize-winning lecturers, Germany has much more to explore.

German university LMU Munich stands #16 in QA Rankings 2019 among the top universities in the world whose graduates attain the highest salaries in the corporate.

And the academic charges are maintained to a standardized level by governments to assure that everyone has the right to study.

Fee structures of these german universities are comparatively subtle among its rivals. Germany, the economic powerhouse of the European continent, offers tons of benefits to international students studying in their universities, and the job demands are rising every day back and forth with new businesses.

3. Lucrative Job Opportunities:

Cracking a lucrative job in Germany seems hard at initial. That is not the case generally there. Germany is currently facing an acute shortage of skilled workers in STEM fields and is actively hiring professionals solely on their skill-set. Work is worship- that is the motto of sky-scraping German global wealth.

Surveys depict that 70% of international students have adapted to well-paying jobs in Germany after completion of academics. And the current employment rate is a whopping 76 percent.

Professionals catering to their services in STEM sectors tend to leverage higher salaries among other professions in Germany.

4. 18-month Work Stay after Academic Completion:

Many countries deport back international students as soon as the completion of their academics, but that is not the case with Germany. And the foremost reason to study higher academics in Germany by Indians.

German consultancies allow their international aspirants to stay in Germany for up to 18 months after completion of their studies. In the meantime, students can find employment opportunities on their student visas.

Germany is very keen on making the world a better place. You can barely name any country that complies- Quality education from highly recognized universities, a high-paying salary package, the mediocre cost of living, a beautiful country to live in. Germany has not left any stone unturned to make it a lovely country for people around the world.

5. Stay among the safest countries in the world:

Germany, by far the land legit historical world wars and mere consequences. The land is well known for the emperors who sacrificed their lives serving their national pride.

But that was a thing of the past.

Crime and acts of violence have reduced in the past three decades in Germany. And Germany, as of today, stands in the limelight to the globally safest livelihood among Canada, Denmark, and the USA-like countries.

Withstands the 14th spot among the safest countries to thrive and study in Germany. Every city has a dark side, and we cannot promise that normal pickpocketing is not a mere issue there.

Honestly, there is nothing to get scared of. Once you reached there and adopted a day-to-day lifestyle. In no time, you will fall in love with the city as well as welcome people.

6. Leverage of Affordable Cost of Living:

On average, a student spends 700-1000 EUR/ month on sojourn leisures with high-quality rental accommodations. Germany is famous for the lowest cost of living among other top study destinations across the world.

Your little ground research and smart decisions can land you great residential accommodations at reasonable costs. Students can leverage cutoffs among local transportation costs and discounts in movie theaters and other public-visiting places.

How much you will spend a month readily complies with what city you are planning to live in Germany. Some cities, like Berlin, adopt lavish life standards, hence the cost per living goes up there.

For students, always advised accommodating rental apartments among Munich and Leipzig to save a little money.

7. Experience the Beauty of Germany:

Germans spent millions of dollars on exploring wild ventures around the corners of the world.No doubt, tourists from Germany can be found in any place in the world.

Meanwhile, Germany excels among the whole European continent in tittle-tattles of its sumptuous delicacy.

From noble historical war lands, diversity of cultures, natural sceneries to the abundance of peak mountains, Germany has attracted travelers around the globe to experience its immense peace and beauty.

Top-notch pedagogical quality, the tremendous beneficiary in employment sectors, worldwide educational recognition, and countless numbers of benefits excels the doubt of studying in Germany.

8. 2nd most accepted lingual tongue worldwide:

Germany has quite gripped its existence in great historical moments alongside mythical innovations in STEM sectors. Its inheritance is old and is widespread outside.

It shares sixty percent of vocabulary descendants from English grammar alongside some exception rules and tenses.

However, Indians and other native English aspirants can pick up their accent and vocabulary furiously fast.

Yes, your proficient german is the key to survival in Germany after academic tenure expiration. Let’s get this straight, if you validate the acquired skills in your professional expertise, have professional german fluency and accent, this sky-rocket your chances leverage higher remuneration.

Surveys, as per 2019, right now pointing their fingers towards the deficiency of skilled professionals in the German STEM corporate sectors thriving in the business powerhouse- Germany.


Look German universities have gained global recognition among past years of civilization. There’s nothing to debate about the quality of education there.

And now that you’ve gone through the benefits of studying in Germany. Enroll yourself today in learning German using our interactive courses from the leverage of your home. Of course, life matters, a flourishing career is needed to thrive too in this world.