Everything you need to enroll at a reputed German University

Wonder what essentials you need to cover to study at a reputed German university? Or confused about whether the informational assets you got are enough or not? If you’re wondering about the quality and academic expenses of Germany? There’s no second thought, that quality is among the top and fees worth pennies. For ease and convenience in the process before getting admission to a German university, we broke down these eight essential steps that you need as a student. Check out these necessary steps to keep track of where you are now and what steps are required to make your dreams come true.

A generic application process comprises:

Choosing the right study program#Research three months before the final decision

Choosing the right study program based on your career interests comes as the first step towards planning your higher education in Germany.

It is a laborious choice to make because of the countless number of study programs available with undoubtedly immense education quality. A matter of choice and interest in what direction you want to pursue, there will always be a career that will coordinate your educational aspirations as well as your plans.

With the countless number of study programs to cater to, it must be the reason not to give it a thought yet. We suggest our aspirants start researching about it for at least three months, measuring all pros and cons before giving the final call.

Shortlist among the universities that suit your pocket as well as your educational needs. You can either focus on one or apply redundantly to several universities to boost your chances of securing your trip to Germany.

Finding a credible study acts as a base determiner to your future ambitions.

  • Meet all documentation requirements :

# At least two weeks before application initiated

After deciding on a suitable university alongside the study program of your choice, time that you must check out all initial obligations required to get through the university portal to check all requirements. Something that planking off your head never hesitates to contact the university help centers.

The enrollment procedure differs as per the university and study programs. You need to go through these documentation sections carefully.

False timings and missing documents are common reasons that lead to delay or sometimes permanent defenestration of the application. Make sure you start early enough with the documentation section to ensure your admission.

Start preparing the documents that the university will require confirming your enrollment. As per our experts’ suggestions, including any occasional delay, students are advised to prepare their documents at least four months before university application.

  •  German Language Certification :

#Recommended enrolling in a German language course at least six months before your application

Your application among your competitors will surely stand out with your proficiency in German-speaking and interpretation.

Though for the convenience of foreign aspirants, universities offer dynamic courses, that too, in English.

Multiple courses demand certified German-speaking certification of their university students to get enrolled. Social life is something that needs to consider while learning the German language.

It’s okay till you’re applying for an undergraduate program, where higher academics in Germany are taught entirely in German.

Learning German from scratch can be difficult, but not impossible. There’s no way you’ll be a professional german speaker by watching random YouTube videos.

With our keen-approached language courses in German, we advise these aspirants to enroll in at least six months of language learning course at AsapGerman. Our professionals work alongside learners so that they can appear to the German certification exams like Goethe-A1 to be certified, language speakers.

Enroll today with us to flourish your future career and life studying in Germany.

  • Meet Required Financial repository :

#Before 2-3 weeks before applying for student visa application

The next step is to fulfill the financial needs and means of studying in Germany. Current immigration law states that every non-EU and non-EEA applicant must have enough financial repository to stay in Germany for the first year of its education.

The cost of living for single accommodation in Germany costs around €853/month. An international aspirant must possess an amount of €10,236 that readily covers the expenses of living for the first year of studying overseas. This amount should be kept in a German Blocked Bank Account.

Pro Tip: Showing the proof of financial resources using a blocked account readily boosts your chances to get your German student visa.

# A German Blocked Account is a type of international account to prove credible funding to stay in Germany for a year, at least.

  • Admission Supplication :

#As soon as the documentation is complete.

Cross-checking the required documents, now you need to submit the final application to the respected university you’ve chosen. A plethora of universities accepts these applications online.

However, some universities seek applications through the person or postal services. Get in touch with your university to confirm how they will accept your application. Reputed German Universities interconnected at a national application platform called UniAssist to take up your applications. You can check the same from University helplines centers.

German universities have engaged thousands of aspirants in recent years. Know that portals are full of applications around the globe. Stay in touch when these portals start accepting applications to be the first to send the application.

  • Get your German study visa :

#The day you receive the letter of admission.

Apart from EU/EEA residents, students need a German student visa to study in German Universities. Alongside the legal paperwork, I suggest contacting the German embassy to schedule your interview regarding the visa appointment.

Before that, make sure you’ve secured the financial needs set by German authorities. Submitting that amount in a Blocked Account assures embassies that you’ve covered up the resources you need to thrive in Germany for a year.

You will need health insurance coverage to let your embassy grant you the student visa. DR-WALTER, the most famous health insurance accommodations chosen by most international students.

  • Rental-accommodations :

#2-3 weeks before your official grounding in Germany.

After completion of your admission and visa legalities, the next thing is to look out for accommodations to stay there. Rental accommodation for an international student doesn’t cost too high in Germany than from other countries like the USA, UK.

To get the best-budget rental places, we suggest you research online at least 2-3 weeks before the actual departure. It doesn’t matter if you fail in it. At least you’ve got a bunch of resources that will secure your accommodation once you reach there.

  • Final University Enrollment :

#Within the week, you arrived in Germany.

The final step is to confirm your study course at the chosen university, where you’ve submitted your application. It takes you from a successful aspirant to a valid registered student of the university.

But for that, you have to show up at the university’s administration department with the below-referred documents.

  • Valid German Passport
  • Passport-size Photographs
  • Student Visa and Residential Permit
  • Correctly filled and attested Application Form
  • Previous Qualification Certificates
  • Admission Letter
  • Health-insurance Proof
  • Paid Fee-Receipt

And with that, you’re all set to pursue the career of your choice in this beautiful country. Learn German today among the most desirable language classes in Pune with AsapGerman.

Get a life overseas, inheriting quality education alongside immense job opportunities in Germany.