Its now a dream come true, if you are thinking of studying in Germany. Student Exchange Programs in Germany offer you a wonderful opportunity.

We have already seen why Germany is one of the most preferred destination for students aspiring for higher studies. Please refer to Blog 3 Destination Germany for Education. Do you now want to know what are student exchange Programs?

Students Exchange Programs:

These are programs in which students from Higher secondary schools and Universities study abroad in one of their Institute’s partner Institution. There are short term and long term students exchange programs available.

Short term programs:

These are also known as summer or intensive programs and are designed for a short term of few days to a month or so.

Long term programs:

These programs are designed for around six to more months.

Benefits of student exchange programs:

  • One among 2 million students who travel abroad under the student exchange schemes
  • Student exchange programs have been successful for last 15 years
  • Most of the times the cost involved is low since students are exchanged amongst partner Institutions
  • Living in host families one can experience the culture of the place
  • Language proficiency increases as one is living with local people
  • Exposure to alternative ways of learning
  • Gateway to personal development as students undergoing student exchange programs show considerable enhancement in their confidence level, interpersonal skills and leadership skills
  • It is a life time experience and alongside one develops new connects and life time bonding with people
  • Helps you to prepare for the global challenges and be a part of the global economy

Students exchange programs in Germany is a wonderful opportunity:

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  • Students exchange programs in Germany are multifaced with a mix of studies as well as learning culture, visiting various places of importance and thus enriching one’s knowledge and experience
  • Students learning German Language would like to enhance German Language proficiency
  • Various blends of programs like short term, long term, which suits your needs are available

Studying German in Pune

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To be a part of student exchange program in Germany in my opinion is a lifetime opportunity to enrich your life and gain practical experience!