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Job opportunities in Germany | ASAP German Language Institute

Job opportunities in Germany

Are you looking for job opportunities in Germany?

• If you are competent and well qualified having a University Degree or a vocational qualification
• If you have a work experience
• If you know German Language (till about B1 Level)

Then you stand a good chance of getting a job in Germany. In the Blog 2 we have discussed the Popularity of Germany (Backlink). We have also discussed in Blog 3 – Destination Germany for Education
Let us now talk about the job opportunities in Germany.

1. How many jobs are available in Germany?

Largest Economy: Since Germany is the largest economy in Europe and the fifth largest in the World, Germany has numerous opportunities in the job market for both English as well as German Language speaking community. However, if you know little German Language then the opportunities are more than those who cannot communicate in German Language.

2. In which sectors can I seek job opportunities in Germany?

Sectoral Job Opportunities: Numerous jobs are available in Germany for job seekers with qualifications of engineering (mechanical, electrical, automotive and building), tourism, IT, health, social services and manufacturing sectors.

3. In which Companies should I apply?

Several MNCs and SMEs in Germany: There are several global companies like Adidas, BMW, MAN, Siemens, Volkswagen, Daimler and Eon (Please read Blog 2: Popularity of Germany (Backlink). Also, there is a prevalence of SMEs accounting for about 75% of the jobs in Germany.

4. What more should I know about Germany Work culture?

German Work Environment: Germans are very punctual, well organised, professional, believers in traditional hierarchical system and expect that foreigners working in Germany follow the same system. An average working is about 38 hours per week with salaries being revised every alternate year. Getting a work visa to work in Germany may not be very easy, however, working illegally in Germany is a very bad idea.

5. Should I know German when applying for jobs in Germany?

German Language proficiency required: A variety of job opportunities are available in Germany for English speaking community. It is required that you have learned at least basic level of German Language. If you are looking out for professional jobs, then you should have learned and should exhibit a good proficiency of German Language.
With a job in German Country craft for yourself a successful professional career path!

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