Popularity of German Language

We have already discussed the importance of learning a foreign language in our blog – Why learn a foreign Language. Do you know which Language is being studied for about 100 years now in India?

Why Learn German Language?

Perfectly right! The answer to the above question is that German Language is being studied and taught for 100 years in India.

Part of a Prevalent Community

The popularity of German Language in India is increasing day-by-day. In 2010, only about 18,550 students were learning German in India. In just four years the numbers increased to 107,000 in 700 schools. Today a total of 1,10,000 students are formerly enrolled in German Language. The increasing popularity of German Language is clearly evident from the increased number of German Language courses offered by Private Institutions and Goethe Institutes pan India. Currently more than 100 schools and colleges are offering German Language courses. Around the world about 15.4 million people are now learning German Language. Whops! One would like to be part of such a popular fraternity.

A widely spoken Language

German is one among the 10 widely spoken Languages across the world. If we measure it according to the economic impact, i.e. the Gross National product generated by German speakers, it ranks fourth in the list. German ranks among five in the most demanded Languages, that people in India want to learn. German is also one of the easiest Languages to learn.  About 90 – 95 million speak German as the first Language, 10 – 25 million as a second Language and 75 – 100 million as foreign Language. German is the official Language in top 6 territories – Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein.

German Courses in Pune

The popularity of German Language is the predisposing factor for various German Language courses being introduced by private schools, colleges, learning Institutions and Goethe Institute in Pune. In Pune too, German Language is very popular amongst the students and professional fraternity. If you want to be a part and parcel of this vast German Language learning community, you are on the right track. Learn German Language and change your life!