None is unaware of the fact that German is one of the best countries to provide high standard educations. Even the degrees and certificate issued by the top-notch German universities have immense importance for the job seekers to establish a bright career. There are a numerous number of courses and degree programs are offered by the German universities, so pursuing your educational career with your desired subject stream is not at all a problem.

Germany is the most preferred country for foreign students to complete their higher education. Currently, around 400,000 overseas students are pursuing their higher education in Germany.  However, to get admitted to one of the top-notch German universities and pursue high education, you require certain things to study in Germany. ASAP German Language Institute helps you regarding all consultations which are required to study in German universities. German Let’s have a quick look at those requirements to study in German universities:

Require To Study Course:

If you are willing to get admitted to one of the best universities in Germany, you need to select your desired subject course. However, this is not so important as other crucial steps to pursue your educational career. Knowing what subject stream you want to opt for in your educational career will help you to search for the best university to pursue your higher education.

For example, you make up a decision for continuing your higher studies in one of the universities of a Western European country. Then, the first thing that you require is to have complete information about your chosen university. It is essential to have an idea about the admission procedure and admission requirements of your chosen university in Germany. Haven’t you chosen your preferred study course? If so, then you should have a look at the database of DAAD. This database is specially made for international students willing to study in Germany.

Admission Requirements Of The German University:

Once you have completed the selection of your desired study program, you need to have knowledge about the admission requirements and procedures of the German universities. Remember, you have to fulfill the requirements criteria of your chosen German university in order to get admitted to that university to continue your study with your chosen study program.

If you desire to study at a German university, then your qualification should match the needs of your desired university. This means that you need to have a certificate of Hochschulzugangsberechtigung (HZB) or Abitur. In simple terms, you need to crack the Abitur examination in order to get a “higher education entrance qualification” certificate. Without this certificate, it is not possible to get admission to the reputed universities of Germany. If this certificate is not recognized by the German universities, then you are likely to opt for a one-year preparatory course, most popularly termed as Studienkolleg.

Even, some of the German universities also demand TestAS (aptitude test) certificate. This TestAS examination is specially designed for overseas students who are from non-EU countries. German language certificate requirements are also included as one of the essentials to get admitted to the German educational institutes.

If your study program is completely based on the German language, then proof of German language proficiency like TestDaF or Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH) is a must. If your course’s teaching is based on the English language and you are not a native English speaker, then you require to have a good score in TOEFL or IELTS.

Documents Required For Application Process In The Universities:

Each German university has its own specific requirements in terms of documents. However, some essential documents are generally needed in order to submit a completely filled application form. The documents that you will be required are as follows:

  • A completely filled application form
  • A German-language proficiency proof
  • Copies of your recent passport photographs
  • Photocopies of high school diploma
  • Overview of marks and modules in translated form
  • Relevant academic certificates

Financial Means:

The students who require student visas to pursue their educations in Germany, they will have to submit the financial proof in order to show that they are sufficient to bear all expenses during their stay in Germany. In this present year, 2020, the foreign students require appropriately €853/month or €10,236 every year to meet up with their expenses during their stay in Germany. The best possible way to provide financial proof is via a blocked account.

Health Insurance:

One of the most vital requirements you need once you decided to study at a German University is health insurance. Foreign students required to be insured in the healthcare sector when they will be in Germany. However, if you are residing in an EU or EEA member state, then you can use your health insurance from home. For this, all you need is an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card).

If you are not residing in any of the EU or EEA member states, then you have to provide health insurance proof during your Student VISA application and enrollment in German universities.

Student VISA:

If you are coming from those countries that generally require a student VISA to pursue higher education in German universities, then you have to apply for a student VISA at any one of the German Consulate from your country. You need to submit all essential documents and attend the interview at the German Embassy to get a student VISA. The processing time for a student visa is generally two weeks.

Statistics On The International Students Chosen To Study in Germany in 2017

International Students Number Of International Students
Chinese 32268
Indians 13537
Russians 11413
Austrians 10129
Italians 8047
French 7330
Cameroons 7106
Ukraine 6941
Turkey 6930
Bulgaria 6840

In 2020, due to the rise of the pandemic situation of Covid-19, 85% of the foreign students can’t pursue their education in German universities, according to a survey of the website. In fact, 14% of the German universities failed to conduct semester in the usual timings.

Overall, this stated information is about the requirements needed to get admitted to German universities. We hope this information will be of immense to proceed with the application process of German universities. For more details Get In Touch with us regarding the information on German Language Learning and opportunities. Good Luck!