Germany is one of the most preferred countries for students as well as job seekers to complete to have a bright career. This is because German Universities provide a high standard of education with the safest environment for the students. However, a strong grasp of German languages is essential to proceed further with higher education or to look for a job in one of the best universities or companies in Germany. As the teaching lessons of the well-known German universities are given in German languages, so qualifying German Examinations are necessary for the students.

Are you confused by thinking which German examination is best? Then, you must go ahead and read this page to know about the German examination in detail. Having a precise idea about the German examinations will help you to make an accurate decision about which examination will be appropriate for you to proceed with your studies or seeking jobs in Germany.

German Examinations To Study In The German Universities

Goethe-Institut German Examinations

The Goethe-Institut was established in 1951 that has its Head Quarter in Munich. It is a completely non-profitable firm that gets its financial help from the German State. It is also run on the fees obtained by its examination and courses.

Levels of Goethe-Institut Exam

There are six levels of this examination based on CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) for languages. The levels start from A1 which for the beginner and ends in C2 which for mastery or proficiency. In fact, there is a separate exam for teenagers (10 to 16 years). The levels for this include the examination for the teenagers are from A1 to B2.

General Approach of the Examination

This examination is basically divided into four categories- listening, reading, speaking, and writing. The complexities of this examination increase with the increase in the levels. B1 and C2 levels are “modular”. In order to crack these levels, you have to score a minimum of 60% in each level. In A2, B2, and C1 levels, you need to maintain 45% of the total score in listening, writing, and reading and at least 15% in the speaking skill. In the A1 level, 35% is necessary for the written examination to qualify for the viva.

Validation of Goethe-Institut German Examination Certificates

The Goethe-Institut German Exam certificate does not have any expiry date. Thus, it lasts for a lifelong. A1 certificate is beneficial for the spouses who are willing to study in Germany whereas B1 certificate is for the people who will complete their study in Germany in a short period of time. The validation of this certificate is for 1 year.

Großes Deutsche Sprachdiplom, also known as the Goethe C2 certificate, is generally required to get admitted to one of the most well-known German universities. It is a language competence certificate.

Telc Examinations:

Telc German Examinations

Telc, well-known as “The European Language Certificates” is a completely non-profit organization operated by the German Adult Education Association.

Levels of Telc Exam

Telc examination contains CEFR levels. Besides this examination, it also contains several other examinations based on the language requirements in various fields (university admission, workplace, carers, migrants, and medicine).

General Approach of the Examination

The approach of this examination is quite similar to that of Goethe-Institut. The Telc examination for the adults consists of four stages, i.e., reading, speaking, writing, and listening. However, the time length of each stage increases with an increase in the levels of this examination. This examination contains additional grammar and vocal sections in the B1 and B2 levels. All the levels, excepting the C2 level, contain an oral examination. Qualifying all the four stages individually is necessary to crack this examination.

Validation of Telc German Examination Certificates

The Telc B1 Certificate, well known as Zertifikat Deutsch, is proof of German language competence. This certificate is essential for placing the application for German citizenship. Telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule certificate is one of the essentials to get admitted to one of the German Educational Institute. However, there are numerous Swiss and Austrian educational institutes that accept this certificate as proof of German language competence.

TestDaF (formally Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache)

TestDaF German Examinations

This exam is generally conducted by the TestDaF-Institut that is supported further by the Goethe-Institut, Hochschulrektorkonferenz, and DAAD. This examination is generally for overseas students who are willing to pursue their higher education in top-notch German universities. This certificate is usually recognized as a German language competence proof for foreign students.

Levels of TestDaF Exam

Although there is a single exam, the markings of this examination are from 3 to 5 levels. The students willing to appear for this examination can opt for the online placement exam by visiting the official website. This online placement exam helps the students to know their current position so that they can work on their weak regions.

General Approach of the TestDaF Examination

This examination is categorized into four parts that include the ability of speaking, reading, listening, and writing. The certificate of this examination is crucial for higher education. The oral exam is completely based on recordings, and there is no grammar examination.

Validation of TestDaF German Examination Certificates

The validity of this certificate is lifelong. The certificate of this exam displays your scores in each sub-exam along with the overall score. Level 4 of this examination is sufficient to fulfill the language needs of German universities. There are some universities in Germany that require a minimum percentage in every sub-exam, whereas some other universities just look at the overall score.

Statistics on the students appeared for the TestDaF examination:

Year Of Applications Percentage Of Applicants
2001 1.190
2002 3.582
2003 7.498
2004 8.982
2005 11.052
2006 13.554
2007 15.389
2008 16.882
2009 18.059
2010 18.528
2011 21.374
2012 24.261
2013 27.166


Due to the pandemic situation of Covid-19, 4.7% of students canceled their plan to study abroad. 47.2% of students returning home from abroad and 68.2% of students are interested in an online study program.

Overall, these are the best German Proficiency Examination to study or work in Germany. Every examination has its own requirements, so it is quite difficult to predict which one is the best. According to your needs and preferences, it will be better for you to choose your suitable examination. ASAP German Language Institute in Pune will give you the best training for the preparation for the German Language Examination. All the best!