Seeking employment in Germany is a mammoth task for students from other countries who can only speak English. The influence of English is less in Germany when compared to other countries. If the students pursuing higher education in Germany are fluent in the regional language, the opportunities are vast, and can earn a handful of income. ASAP Institute in Pune helps Indian job seekers with proper guidance to get Jobs in Germany.

Germany is the largest economic country in Europe and stands the fifth position in the world. So Germany is highly capable of providing job opportunities for international wards of the government. If you want to employ in Germany, apply and seek a job when you are a university student.

Students from EU or EEA countries must apply for the extension of residence permit in Germany to work in the nation.

The extension is provided up to 18 months, and the students are required to have

  • Passport
  • Health insurance certification
  • Financial proofs
  • Completion of course completion from the respective college/university.
  • Recognized educational qualifications in Germany
  • According to CEFR, the B1 level, German language proficiency certificate is required.

Job Market In Germany

Among the European nations, Germany possesses the lowest unemployment rate when compared to others. Following the report of May 2020, 3.9% is the unemployment rate record in Germany. The prominent employers and investors of Germany are,

  • Volkswagen
  • Daimler
  • Allianz
  • BMW
  • Siemens
  • Bosch
  • Deutsche Telekom

The Salary Packages Offered ToThe Employees By These Firms:


Salaries (Euro/year)

BMW 83,000
Bosch 70,000
Deutsche Telekom 97,000
Siemens 81,000
Volkswagen 55,000
Allianz 75,000

Moreover, 90% of the business in Germany are SMEs, Small, and Medium-sized enterprises. They contribute two-thirds of their part in providing jobs in the nation.

Even though international students’ arrival is primarily abandoned due to the Pandemic scenario of 2020, the German companies welcomed the interested determined students with language proficiency to come and employ at the superior position in the prominent company in the nation.

Vacancies Of Jobs In Germany

The low unemployment is the main reason for the lack of skill shortage in the market of Germany. Still, companies like healthcare and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management possess a fair shortage of excellent, skillful workers.

According to the statistical report of July 2020, in Germany, there are more than 573,000 vacancies in general, including the well knowledgeable candidates and the casual laborers ranging from Hospitality to Teaching English. The Wage growth of the nation is around 0.40% in the same period.

Salaries In Jobs In Germany

The minimum monthly wages are determined each year, and the limitations are also set during the time. Among the European Nations, Germany takes the 5th position to provide a minimum wage of 9.35 Euros per hour. The average monthly salary would be summed up at around 4,021 Euros. The calculations are based on the place of work and the hierarchical position in which a person is fixed and employed.

The German government takes action against the company, which failed to pay the minimum fixed-wage; huge penalties are imposed on the firm.

On average, since 2018, the minimum salary rate in Germany has increased by 1.5%.

Highest salary offering Industries In Germany:



Legal 65,907
Engineering 71,134
Utilities 71,747
Medicine 71,169
Transport 72,020
IT 72,582
Telecom 72,626
Consulting 75,956
Insurance 82,554
Banking and Finance 83,371

 Working In Germany After Studying In Germany:

Suppose you possess an efficient degree from the University of Germany. In that case, you have many capabilities to seek a residential permit in the country and include the right to be engaged in the German Employment market.

Post completion of the country’s degree, you are eligible to apply for the Residential permit from the country, which is valid for up to 18 months, to seek a consistent job for prosperity. For that eligibility, you are expected to provide certain documentary proofs depicting your earning potential to lead a consistent livelihood and your determination about seeking employment in the job as per your Educational Qualifications.

After seeking permission for the residence, you can work part-time for particular hours per week as to how you wish. If you got a job with the government’s deadline, you are eligible to settle in Germany on the whole.

Top Paying Universities In Germany:


Range of Salary Package (Euros/year)

Bonn University 52,000 to 112,000
Stuttgart University 76,000 to 168,000
LMU 77,000 to 152,000
Hamburg University 76,000 to 240,000
Humboldt University of Berlin 55,000 to 89,000
Heidelberg University 71,000 to 140,000
TU Munich 70,000 to 145,000
TU Berlin 35,000 to 177,000
Freiburg University 75,000 to 132,000
Free University 55,000 to 106,000
Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences 53,000 to 189,000
Frankfurt School of Finance and Management 85,000 to 200,000
Dresden University of Technology 53,000 to 182,000
Darmstadt University 47,000 to 111,000

Salary Statistics In Germany

The salary packages vary as per the following multiple factors,

  • City of Employment: It plays a significant role in the rate of average salary per month. Berlin, Hamburg, Munchen, and Frankfurt are the prominent cities with high average salary packages for the employees.
  • The Sector Of Employment: In Germany, the highest paying sectors are Medical, IT, legal, Sales, and Marketing.
  • Government or Private Employment: In Germany, the average salary rate of Private sectors are 5 percentile higher than the Government and Public Sectors.

Salaries Across Popular Job Roles In Germany:

Job Roles


IT Manager 76,100
Mechanical Engineer 41,800
Civil Engineer 40,000
Project Manager 55,500
Business Analyst 52,600
Architect 53,600
Aerospace Engineering 54,500
Graphic Designer 26,000
Financial Analyst 56,300
Accounting Manager 68,000

How To Find Jobs In Germany?

The various portals to search for jobs online are

  • Expatica job
  • Federal Employment Agency
  • International Placement Service
  • Monster
  • Jobstairs
  • Jobooh
  • Kimeta
  • kununu, etc

The online portal for English speaking students in Germany are

  • Craiglist
  • English Jobs
  • The Local
  • Toplanguage Jobs.

The other prominent portals online will fetch your perfect job in Germany.

The details about the recruitment agencies can be found in the yellow pages of Germany. You can find the Federal Employer’s Association of personnel Service Providers.

Steps To Getting A Job In Germany

  • Getting your qualifications recognized:

If you are graduated from other countries, gain recognition for your stuff, and you can work in Germany after your degree is recognized.

  • Writing applications to companies:

The application referred to the resume or the profile of an individual. The resume or cover letter should include all the details about the field of employment and the company you are opted for. The prominent companies consider the cover letter as the primary tool to evaluate a person’s ability, and he is expected to present it professionally.

  • Obtain health insurance:

Health insurance plays a significant role in seeking a job in Germany. It should include a record of yours right from the very first day of residing.

  • German language proficiency:

Learning the German language will help you seek a better job. As the emphasis was laid more on the regional language rather than the Emperor’s tongue. The German-speaking candidate gets a better position when compared to the English-speaking candidate even if he is well versed than him. ASAP German Language Institute is providing the best Training for the German Language and also guide you for the Job opportunity in Germany.

The EU Card is offered to the students from non-European nations. The EU Blue card allows the card to live and work in Germany.


Degree from the Government Recognized University and the contract with the gross manual income of 55,2000 Euros. If you are an IT, Medical, Natural Science or Engineering sector employer, the average gross salary should be 43,056 Euros/year.


  • It allows you to stay for more than three months in the nation.
  • It is limited to stay for four years
  • It makes you eligible for a settlement permit in Germany.


Thus, we have shared several ways to seek job opportunities in Germany. If you are still puzzled and end up in chaos after all the informational details, don’t worry! You can contact us we will provide you with ample information vividly and help you get a clear view of it.