The demand for learning a language has risen a lot in recent days. Many students and professionals from all over the world are willing to learn the German language due to its massive acceptance in every profession. But to become proficient in this language, one needs to take admission to a German learning class and clear the examinations held as per CEFR.

Any student can only be recognized as having proficient knowledge in Germany only if they complete all levels of the CEFR examination. Here students need to clear the levels starting from beginners level A1 to mastery level C2.

What is level A1?

The A1 level in a German language course is for beginners. At this level, a student will start learning the new and basic phrases in the German language. You will learn the phrases relating to greetings, farewell, and other basic conversations in this language.

How to pass A1 level in the German language?

Many students feel that it is very tough to clear the A1 level. But experts say if students can follow the below-mentioned tips, they can easily pass this level.

  • Every student should allow enough time so that they can complete the syllabus well before the examination.
  • Students need to gather relevant study materials to complete the syllabus. Here they need to follow the instructions of the experts before buying the books.
  • Every student needs to be aware of the exam pattern so that they don’t get confused during the examination.
  • Experts always suggest that students need to do lots of vocabulary practice before sitting for the examination.
  • Besides study materials, students also need to keep ready all the workbooks. These workbooks are great to do practice before the examinations.

Students should keep on listening to German speeches to pass the listening comprehension examination at the A1 level.

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