The massive demand for well-educated employers in various sectors in Germany, especially in the area of Engineering, IT, and Health specialists, has made the Federal Government emerge to find the solutions to fill the Labour gaps.

The Germany Job Seeker Visa is the extended-stay Visa to live in Germany, established in August 2012. The intention is to make people come and seek a job in Germany. Moreover, employers are not allowed to work in Germany with this type of visa. ASAP German Language Institute in Pune will guide you with all the procedures of Visa applications.

Is It Compulsory To Apply For Job Seeker Visa For Germany?

Nationals of European Union Member countries and the residents of the member countries of European Economic. The citizens from various countries like Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, The Republic of Korea, and the United States of America don’t show interest in staying or applying for a job in Germany. Moreover, they should apply for a temporary residence permit after arriving in Berlin at the Immigration Office.

The Nationals of other countries initially are expected to obtain a job seeker Visa to enter the National and search for a job in Germany.

Steps To Follow To Get Residential Permit In Germany



Step 1 Get the Visa application
Step 2 Fill in appropriate details
Step 3 Collect and document the required certificate proofs
Step 4 Fix an appointment for an interview
Step 5 Attend the interview with confidence
Step 6 Apply with documentaries
Step 7 Pay the fee amount
Step 8 Create a professional resume and seek a good job
Step 9 Apply for a residential permit and possess to lead a happy life in the country.


Germany Job Seeker Visa Eligibility Criteria

The applicants should be eligible under the criteria to apply for the Germany Job Seeker Visa.

The various Eligibility Criteria are as follows,

  • The applicant should possess a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from the prominent Universities of Germany
  • Minimum 5years of experience is required in the opted field of studies.
  • The proof of travel or the medical insurance from the country until you get the work permit
  • Financial proofs are required to show that you are consistent and eligible to live without suffering in Germany.
  • Most prominently, the German Language Proficiency certification is required to settle in the country
  • English language proficiency certification is required as well to get qualified for the Visa.
  • It’s mostly advisable to learn basic German to survive and lead a worldly life in the city.

Germany Job Seeker Visa Application:

Applying for the German Job Seeker Visa and the procedure is similar to that of other Visa applications. Follow the steps below to apply for a Germany Job Seeker Visa.

  • After complete filling, the application for the Visa, make an appointment
  • Have the required documentaries to attend the interview.
  • After the interview, pay the fees.

The Procedure To Apply In Detail:

Make An Appointment:

Get the German job seeker Visa application form and then fix an appointment for an interview through the German Mission website from your home country to proceed further. It may take a month to get a call for an interview but try to complete the processes as soon as possible to get quickly appointed.

Possess The Required Documentaries:

Have the required legal documents to avoid certain circumstances. It is essential to meet the next level of Visa application without discrepancies and any delay. The list of necessary documentaries are as follows,

  • The application form with complete details is filled in it.
  • The valid passport of the applicant
  • Three Passport size photos of excellent quality
  • The documentary proof on the accommodation in Germany at times of job seeking
  • Health Insurance certificate for international workers in Germany
  • A complete profile or the candidate’s cover letter depicts his career choice and the field in detail.
  • The academic proof is required, academic qualification documentary after completing the course from German a and Non- German University.
  • The attachment of details regarding the previous work experience.
  • Financial proofs, curriculum vitae of the candidate
  • Bank statement for security basis
  • A letter of sponsorship from a person or two

The required documentaries should be included to have consistent progress without any issues. The documentaries can either be in English or German. Both are accepted. The embassy officers may require additional information about the candidate. It is based on the officer who is dealing with it.

The extra details required are based on your hometown and the country in which you are residing earlier. If they need additional documentaries to arrange for it, get a photocopy of each original proof to have as a piece of evidence. Hand over the documentaries at times of interview in the country’s consulate residing.

Pay The Fees:

At the time of the interview, submit all the documentaries and answer all the questions boldly. Then pay the fee amount for the German Job Seeker Visa. The bill provided should be kept safe to collect your processed application.

For How Long Can I Stay In Germany With a Job Seeker Visa?

With the German job seeker, Visa can stay in Germany for6 months during their search for a job in their desired field. After possessing a job, the Visa can be converted into an Employment Residence Permit. Once you get the job, there are two possibilities to proceed further.

  • The candidate can apply for an Eu blue Card
  • He can also apply for an employment residence permit

Applying For An EU Blue Card

To get an EU Blue Card, you are expected to have an employment offer of at least 44,800 Euros per annum. In case you are in the field of mathematics, IT, life sciences, or engineering, the annual gross salary must be at least 34,944 euros per annum.

If you possess the EU Blue Card for 33 months, you can quickly get Germany’s permanent residence permit. If you have B1 level German language proficiency, you can get the permanent residents to permit within 21 months.

Getting A Germany Employment Visa

Mostly the German Employment Visa is sponsored by an external source, but if you wanted to get it on your own. You can possess a permanent residence permit after 5 years of Employment in Germany.

By possessing the Visa, you can take your family to Germany and recruit a long-time Visa.

After You Arrive In Germany With A Job Seeker Visa

After visiting Germany with the Job Seeking Visa, you can return to your home country, but before that, complete the following two tasks,

  • Firstly, register your residential address in the registration office. After two weeks of stay, register your address in Germany in the registration office.
  • Possess your Germany Temporary Residence Permit. Post registering your address. Apply for Residence Permit for the job seeker. Atrend and submit the required documentaries in the interview to possess a residential permit.


To live and settle in Germany with a good consistent job, follow the given details and instructions to possess the permit, and lead a happy life in the Nation. The original documentaries and reliable sources of income are the two primary tools required to live the fullest life in Germany. If you still have any queries on Procedures to get settled or do a Job in Germany, Contact us!