The tough was going – The Lockdown pain

Overnight things changed. With COVID virus entering into India and the Indian Government taking measures to curb the spread of virus in India. Strict lockdown was imposed in the beginning a few parts of the country and slowly the entire nation was lockdown and restricted to their homes. Going out of the house was restricted, social distancing was to be maintained, wearing masks became mandatory and personal hygiene became the new necessity.

The first to face the brunt of lockdown were schools, institutions, colleges and Universities. And why not, as the protection of children was of paramount importance. During the lockdown situation, people were confronted with various challenges and questions. Students were concerned about their education, their lectures and their studies at large. With lockdown imposed, students could not go to their school, colleges and universities to attend lectures.

Students learning foreign languages at our institute, ASAP, faced similar difficulty. Classroom sessions were halted and could no longer take place at the Institute. The students were missing their classes, the new language, the activities and the fun -frolic that they shared with their classmates in the regular lectures. Students were also missing on their valuable time as learning was completely stopped. Owner of the Institute, the trainers, the students and their parents had a big question in mind, how to continue with the studies?

The tough was going – The right Direction

Things always seem to be impossible until they are done. We, at ASAP, addressed this pain that the students were facing. We started with online lectures. The trainers started conducting foreign language classes on online platforms. As like every other new normal, these online lectures also posed further issues for the Institute, Trainers, students and parents. Important was that the students’ studies continued as before. The students resumed with learning foreign languages at ASAP online.

Students were joyful to go back to learning the languages along with their other friends and classmates on a virtual platform. Parents were pleased as the studies of their children had resumed uninterrupted during the lockdown period. The Institute was satisfied to see the smiles on the student’s faces back as they could now enjoy their classroom time and activities just like a normal class., even in these stay-at-home restrictions. The institute and the students aspiring to learn a foreign language had successfully accustomed to the new normal.

The virtual Fun – the new normal

We at ASAP Institute are offering online courses for learning foreign languages like German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, to name few. The students can now stay protected at home and at the same time enjoy the benefits of the real classroom studies. Our experienced trainers and experts in the Foreign Languages conduct live and interactive sessions on online platforms. The classes are conducted using Zoom platform. Here the students can learn the foreign language along with others friends. The trainers facilitate the learning of the language along with many activities and with an interactive pedagogy. Study material and practice exercises are sent to the students. The online assignment and participation in the virtual classroom are evaluated by the trainers and feedback was given to students. Mock tests and test preparations are also conducted on the virtual platform. With online studies the students can enjoy dual benefits, one safety and two classroom learning.

Make the best use of this lockdown period by studying foreign languages online with ASAP Institute!