Germany becomes one of the most excellent study centers for international students. The number of foreigners selecting Germany for their higher studies are significantly increasing each year. Most of the international students are required to get a study permit before they come to Germany for higher study.

You should possess a residence permit for studies before applying for a study permit for international students. You might be excused from getting a study visa depending on the country you live in. Are you looking for top-notch universities to study in Germany? Apply for your study permit now and boost your career!

What are the types of study you can follow with a German study permit?

German study permit can be sanctioned for you if you are willing to partake in any of the following study types:

  • German language courses for studies.
  • Full-time academic studies.
  • State preparatory college “Studienkolleg”.
  • Obligatory preliminary internship.
  • Propaedeutic course.

What you can do and can’t do with having a legitimate study permit?
After getting an authorized study permit for international students, you can:

  • Get a part-time job:

You can work for up to 120 days in a year if you are currently working part-time in your academic institution. Your part-time job must not interfere with your progression of study.

  • Apply for augmentation of the student residence permit:

If you have not still accomplished your scheduled studies within the visa period, you will be finishing at a proper time.

  • Apply for a residence permit for job-seeking after graduation:

Once you have successfully completed your studies in Germany, you are entitled to apply for a residence permit. After availing of such a residence permit, you will be capable of searching for a job for up to 6 months after graduation.

Being a holder of a German study permit for international students, you can’t:

  • Get a full-time job:

You are unable to join for full-time work in Germany with a study permit. While being a student, you are also unable to apply for a work permit.

  • Discard study lessons:

Failing to partake in study programs, university authorities are liable to cancel your eligibility to stay in Germany.

What are the requirements for a German study permit?

The vital requirements to get a German study permit are:

  • Permit application documents:

Properly filled and signed a national visa application form.

– A legit passport of your country.

– Two xerox copied of passport.

– Your birth certificate.

– If applicable, your marriage certificate.

– If applicable, your child’s birth certificate.

– 3 recent photographs.

– If applicable, former German residence titles photocopies.

– Former Schengen visa.

– Former German residence permit.

  • Proof of financial resources “Finanzierungsnachweis”

– The deposit confirmation of 10236 Euro at a German blocked bank account.

– An evidence or commitment letter of your parent’s financial assets and actual income.

– The commitment letter by a German inhabitant “Verpfichtungserklarung”. That German inhabitant who is going to cover your budgets during your studies, this letter is submitted to the Alien’s Registration office.

– The scholarship granting certificate which must demonstrate the total amount of costs it covers.

– The bank guarantee which is issued to you by an eminent German bank.

  • Proof of your admission to a German University:

– Authentication of admission in studies “Zulassungsbescheid”. This will be issued by a renowned German higher education provider which will be showing when you are going to start your studies.

– The conditional admission proof and committed an intensive course. This letter should demonstrate you are properly conditioned and confirmed to partake in an in-depth language learning course prior to taking admission. That intensive coursed duration should be at least 6 months along with 18 hours of lessons in a week.

  • A proof of conditional university admission:
  • A letter from “uni-assist”.
  • An authentication of admission as an applicant.
  • Proper communication with the university about the conditions for final admission.
  • A full-fledged proof of having paid for the language courses. Payment should be completed within 3 months.

– Authentication of admission in a university preparatory course called “Studienkolleg”.

  • A proof of conditional university admission:
  • A letter from “uni-assist”.
  • An authentication of admission as an applicant.
  • Proper communication with the university about the conditions for final admission.
  • A full-fledged proof of confirming yourself as a partaker in the course.
  • Proof of your former educational qualification:
  • Authentic school-leaving certificate.
  • Degree certificate.
  • Health insurance of students.
  • University entrance qualification.
  • TestDAF or DSH certificate of German language proficiency.

How to get your student residence permit in Germany?

  • Find your permanent residence.
  • Make sure to register at the resident’s office:

Here you require the following documents to register as an international student in Germany:

  • Rental contract.
  • Your legitimate national passports.
  • A letter confirmation demonstrating your living address.
  • Enroll in studies.

Here you require the following documents to enroll yourself as an international student to study in Germany:

  • National passport.
  • Successful completion of the German university entrance.
  • Current passport sized photographs.
  • Apply for an inhabitant’s permit for studying in Germany.

Statistics showing international students applied for German Student VISA from 2009 and 2017:

Year Foreign Students Bildungsausländer Bildungsinländer
2017 3588995 265484 93411
2009 250000 180000 50000


Thinking of getting yourself admitted to the world-class universities of Germany? Apply for a study permit for international students in order to take admission over there. So what are you thinking of? You need to have a study permit to get yourself into the best universities. Have any queries regarding this? Kindly let us know!