The famous German Institute, Goethe, offers an excellent opportunity for the students to become proficient in the German language. Students can sit for the official GoetheCertificate examination passing, which they will be recognized as professional in the German language.

How many levels are there in the Goethe-Certificate examination?

Once students start learning the German language at Goethe institute, they must know the levels of examinations here. The levels are

  • Goethe Certificate A1
  • Goethe Certificate A2
  • Goethe Certificate B1
  • Goethe Certificate B2
  • Goethe Certificate C1

Tips to pass Level B2 examination:

If you are at level B2, you need to know at first the exam pattern. So let’s check below and understand the exam structure first.

  • Here students need to read and understand the text.
  • Students will need to express their opinion in writing on a particular topic.
  • Next is listening comprehension, where students need to comprehend speeches in the German language.
  • AT last, students will be asked to talk on a particular topic on a specific matter.

To pass in all those above categories, students need to give enough time to study. In addition, students need to revise all the areas that they have already learned at level B1.

Listening to German radio channels and reading German newspapers is the best practice to pass this level. In addition, experts also suggest watching German movies without subtitles. Here students need to make notes, and then they can check subtitles to understand their progress.

Every time you learn a new word in the German language, always use it and make new sentences with the word. This habit will enhance the list of vocabulary.

Try to get different essays online and write them in your own words in the German language. This practice will make you strong in writing comprehension. Again, if you know a good German speaker, practice speaking in the German language with that person.

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