Goethe German A2 exam details

German A2 exam there are 4 modules. Listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Listening Module- In listening module there are four parts. Every part will have 4 questions 20 questions for 20 points. In Part 1 there are 5 dialogues, every dialogue will be played two times. You get enough time to select your answer a b or c.

In part 2 you listen to one dialogue and you have to answer 5 questions. In part 2 there is only one dialogue for 5 questions and you get to listen to this dialogue only once.

In part 3 you listen to 5 dialogues only once. For every dialogue, there will be 1 question. In answer, you will have a, b or c options. You have to select the correct option.

In 4th part, you listen to one dialogue and there will be 5 statements. There will be two option for every statement, yes or no. You have to select yes or no for every statement. This one dialogue you listen 2 times.

Reading Module- in Reading Module there four parts. In part 1 you will get one text and there will be five sentences and for every sentence, there will be ABC option. Select the correct option.

Part 2 get some text information. For example information board at the shopping mall and there will be 5 questions. For every question, there will be  A, B and C option. for example in a shopping mall you are searching for the sofa and options are A) 4th floor B) 2nd floor C) 1st floor. You have to search in the text and select the correct answer.

In part 3, you get an email to read. There will be 5 statements or questions with A, B, and C option. Read the email and select the correct option.

In part 4, you get 5 sentences and 5 texts. You have to match the sentences and the texts. For One sentence There will be no text. For this sentence, you have to write ‘x’ in the answer.


Writing module- In writing module there are 2 parts.

In part 1 there will be a situation given with 3 points and you have to write one short sms covering given 3 points.

In part 2, there will be one theme given with 3 points. You have to write a letter on the given theme and covering all three points ( 30-40 words ).

Speaking module- There are three parts in speaking module. The exam is conducted in the group of 2 students. In part 1  you will get 4 cards. You have to frame questions and your partner has to answer. Your partner will also get for cards, frame 4 questions and you have to answer.

In part 2, you get 1 theme and 4 words. You have to talk 10 to 15 sentences about yourself on the theme and 4 wards.

In part 3 you and your partner get one common theme to play a dialogue. You both Have to speak for 3 to 4 minutes. For example, your common friend has a birthday and you have to buy one gift together.

***Please note- To pass A2 exam, you have to score in speaking module minimum 60% that means, minimum 15 points out of 25.

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How do I prepare for a Goethe a2 exam?

To learn the German language, you have to know the Goethe institute exam pattern for a2 test, and to pass this test; you must know few important things listed below:

  • Understand the sentences that we use in our daily life and also express them in your way.
  • Communicate and share your views on those topics and ideas in which you have a dense knowledge.
  • Talk on essential topics like where you live, where you are, your studies, what you want to do in the future, etc.
  • Goethe Institute’s a2 exam paper provides you lots of solved and unsolved model papers on their website for their students. They also provide German a2 exam
  • You should focus on basic English grammar like prepositions, articles, nouns, pronouns, etc.
  • You should always try to make small sentences. Do not try to add many words in one sentence.
  • Deutsch-2 book also provides many different types of model paper. You should solve every paper of it.
  • Always listen to German songs to enhance your vocabulary.

How do I pass the Goethe a2 exam?

  • There are many websites where you can give a2 test, you can take Goethe Institute based on example, and Telc and many other such websites and institutes are available.
  • You can pass the A2 level by yourself, or you can also take a tuition class. At this level, your grammar, vocabulary should be strong. Communicate and express your feelings in the German language to better yourself, listen to German songs, read German books, etc. Talk on the essential topics and share your knowledge accordingly.

What is a2 German level?

A2 German level is a second level of learning the German language. This exam is only for adults or those who are above 16 years. It comes under the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR).

How do I get a2 German certificate?

If you get marks above 120 or clear the Goethe a2 tests based on merit, you will automatically get the certificate of Goethe a2 exam or 2nd level of learning the German language.

Is German A2 hard?

It is not hard; if you solve 10-20 sample papers, this test will become very easy for you. A2 is still a beginner level, and you have to go through regular practice for cracking the a2 level. You do not need to dive intoa complete German culture pool for a2 level, unlike b2.

If your preparation is complete, a2 is like cream for you, and if you have not, then a2 will remain challenging. It is as simple as that.

Only passing the exam without having brief knowledge of German culture and language skills is no sense. Preparing for an exam with full dedication will bring success as we choose failure because of a shortcut. There is no shortcut to success.

Every company will look for those candidates who have good skills and real as well, not fake. We must make our way of beautiful flowers instead of thrones and spikes. Give your best and prepare from the root of the Goethe exam pattern for a2 level test.

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