Details of Goethe’s A1 exam

German A1 exam pattern is quite simple. As it’s a language, there are 4 modules- Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. It is 60 points exam and you have to score 36 points (60%) to pass the Goethe’s exam.

Let’s talk about these four modules in details-

Listening module of Goethe A1 exam

There are three parts in the listening module. Part 1 (Teil 1) consist of 6 questions and there will be 6 audios. You’ll have a question and there will be 3 answers A, B and C. In this part 1 all 6 audios are played twice. You get enough time to understand the question and select your answer if you to listen carefully.

Part 2 has 4 questions and four audios. Every audio will be played only once. The question will be 1 sentence and you have to understand that according to the audio the sentence is right or wrong.

Part 3 you will have 5 questions and again there will be A, B, C options. You have to listen to the audio carefully and you have to answer the question. Every audio here is again played twice.

A reading module of Goethe A1 exam-

Again there are three parts to the reading module.  In part 1, the text is given and there will be 5 statements. You have to just tell that according to the text the statement is right or wrong.

In part 2 you will get some websites screenshots and there will be purpose given and you need to understand which website (A or B) will help you to fulfill your purpose. Like this, there will be 5 questions and for every question, there will be two websites A and B, you have to select which website is helpful.

In part 3 again there will be some small text information. Here you will have 5 statements and you have found out that the given statement is right or wrong.

Writing module of Goethe A1 exam-

In writing module, there are only 2 parts.

In Part 1 you get written information about some person and one form (for example, hotel or flight booking form) to fill. Given the information, you have to fill on behalf of that person in the form.

In part 2 you will get one topic to write a letter or an email.  With the topic, you also get three points which you have to use in the letter. Write around 5 to 6 lines (around 30 words). The letter is for 10 points.

Speaking module of Goethe A1 exam-

Speaking exam is done in the group of 3-4 students. In the speaking module, there will be 3 parts. In part 1 you have to introduce yourself and the examiner will ask you some questions like spelling your surname or your name. Examiner may ask your mobile number or your birthdate or even email address.

In part 2 you have to ask for some information to your partner. Here you will get a card, on the card there will be Theme given (for ex. Food and drink) and one word will be given ( for ex. Sunday). you have to frame one question with the given theme and the word (for ex. What do you eat on Sunday?). You will get 2-3 cards and you have to frame 3 questions and your partner will answer your question. Same, your partner will also get cards and you will have to answer his or her questions.

In part 3 you will be shown some image.Let’s say you will get image of an apple and you will have to frame one request like- Can I eat that Apple or can you please eat that Apple? Your partner will reply to your requests and then you have to reply his or her requests.

Exam results are displayed on Goethe’s website in around 10-15 days.

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