If you are generating business tie-ups, expansion of business, developing business connections or relations in Germany, or interaction with German clients or communication with colleagues from Germany is on your agenda, then you would be looking forward to Corporate Training in the German Language for yourself or your employees.

Due to globalization and the growth of the Indian economy, the demand for foreign language experts has increased significantly. Although Germany is a leader in automobile, engineering, chemical, pharmaceutical, etc. The country’s information technology market is also significant. Germany is a leader in innovative technology and computing. SAP is the world’s third-largest independent software provider company.

There is a record-high number of vacant positions in Germany’s IT sector. As per the Federal Labour Office, A record 1.2 million jobs remain unfilled in Germany. The German government is also looking at easing immigration laws to fill skilled labor gaps. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education will continue to stay high in demand for the foreseeable future. Countries like India who have engineering and IT skills in abundance, stand to benefit from this trend.

On the internet, German is one of the most frequently used languages and is the world’s most widely used country-specific domain.

Information technology changes our everyday lives. We typically use computers for writing, editing, calculating, searching for information, and increasingly for reading, listening to music, viewing photos, and watching movies. We are carrying small computers in our pockets and use them to make phone calls, write emails, get information, and entertain ourselves, wherever we are.

The status of a language not only depends on the number of speakers or books, films, and TV stations that use it but also on the presence of the language in the digital information space and software applications. Here too, the German language is fairly well placed in all important international software products are available in German versions. The use of German Wikipedia is the second largest in the world, and with more than 14 million registered domains, the top-level domain .de (“Deutschland”) is the world’s largest country-specific top-level domain.

In the field of language technology, German is well equipped with products, technologies, and resources. There are many applications and tools for speech synthesis and recognition, spelling correction, and grammar checking. There are also many applications for automatically translating language, even though these often fail to produce linguistically and idiomatically correct translations, especially when German is the target, a problem primarily due to the specific linguistic characteristics of German.

The next generation of IT will be master human language to such an extent that users will be able to communicate using the technology in their own language. Devices will be able to find the most important news and information automatically from the world’s digital knowledge store in reacting to easy-to-use voice commands.

At ASAP  German Language Institute, Pune we offer Corporate German Trainings for Information Technologies,  We have been offering Tailor made German Language Corporate Training sessions for ten years now and have successfully conducted various technical and commercial German Language Courses for our corporate clients, Our Corporate Training Programs in the German Language helps your employees to converse confidently, effectively and fluently with the German natives. We also help your employees to understand and correspond about work-related matters.