Today, in the era of globalization, being a multilingual person is a plus point for you. Especially if you are proficient in the German language, then you can enjoy excellent career opportunities not only in Germany, but in many other nations where the German language is spoken by mass. You will get the chance to get recruited by a German multinational company having offices in India if you are well-versed in the German language. One of the most reputed institutes to learn German is the Goethe Institute. When you get certified by Goethe Institute after appearing in the certification exam, then you will be considered as a German proficient person.

After passing from this institute, you will get the top seven job opportunities besides many others in the industry.

Teacher in the German language:

There is an acute need for good German trainers, and you can be the one. After completion of the course from Goethe Institute and getting certified, you can choose to become a German language trainer. It is no doubt one of the most prestigious professions one can dream of, and that too, with an excellent salary. Online coaching centers are there which offer German language teachers. Many want to learn this language for betterment in their career. Hence, you will get lots of students who wish to learn this language. There is a massive demand for German Language Classes in Pune, and you can be a trainer or teacher for such classes.

  1. A career as a translator and interpreter:

    Do you want to make your career in tourism, hospitality, or any other where there is a need for a German-language expert? If yes, then working as a translator and interpreter will be a great career choice for you. Lots of NGOs and MNCs required professionals in this field. A translator or an interpreter gets an excellent salary in every industry. Do you feel that your German skill earned with course completion from Goethe institute will fetch your translator and interpreter job? Yes, it can, and you need to add your course or German certification details in your CV while applying for a translator job. Depending on your experience and fluency in interpretation, the company looking for an ideal candidate will decide to hire or not to hire you.

  2. Tourism industry:

    In the tourism sector, there is an acute need for German-speaking professionals. We noticed that German people love traveling, and you can start your profession as a tour guide. It will be of great help for German-speaking tourists. This tourism industry will open for you a new and glamorous world. With time you will earn a reputation as a German-speaking guide. You will be glad to know the tour guide can also earn excellent if he/she continues giving excellent services to the German-speaking tourists in India or any other nation.

  3. A career in the hospitality industry:

    Apart from being an interpreter and tour guide, you can also make your career in the field of hospitality management. There are lots of reputed travel companies and hotels where you can work as an executive. Because of the strong German economy, the people of Germany can travel to various areas of the world. Hence, the chances of getting jobs in the hospitality industry now increased a lot. The Germans do not hesitate to spend money while they travel. Online German Classes in Pune, make it easy to learn the language of German in the comfort of your home.

  4. Media industry:

    You know how glamorous and developing the global media industry is. This industry can offer great job opportunities to candidates who know the language of German. In the media industry, the demand for multilingual persons is always high. Especially if you are proficient in the German language, then you may get hired as a foreign affairs journalist and may cover news visiting Germany or other nations. Hundreds of media houses are there all over the world where content writers and publishers are in huge demand. If you know German, then you can be a good content developer. That will be possible subject to the fact that, like speaking, your German writing skill is also good. So, if you are well-versed in the German language, then getting a lucrative job in the media industry will not be a tough one.

  5. Journalism:

    Those who have good knowledge of a different foreign language can opt for a career in journalism. In this industry, the demand for German known professionals is always high. You can work as a foreign correspondent for any TV broadcasting company. This career will give you huge success and good earning too. The salary of a journalist with a foreign language skill is handsome.

  6. Manager in advertising:

    The success of a business depends hugely on advertising and marketing. Professionals having good knowledge of various foreign languages can get good opportunities in this field. A company pays a high salary to the marketing manager for making the promotion of the product in a better way. So, if you are proficient in the German language, then opting for a job as a marketing manager will be a great choice.

Do you want to make a shining career in any industry with the required professional skill? If yes, then learning a foreign language is a must. If you want to learn any foreign language, then we suggest you learn German. You can join the ASAP German Language Institute, Pune and become a German language pro. Just like Goethe institute, there is another institute that offers excellent training in the German language to students who wish to learn it. The ASAP German Language institute also conducts German Language Classes in Pune

 Best German language faculties are available with this institute who give equal attention to every student who takes admission with the institute for online classes. You will also be prepared to appear in the certification exams of Goethe in the German language by the faculties. The institute has a reputation in the industry and so you can think of taking admission here.