Engineer is one of the professional courses and prestigious too, as completing Engineering successfully is a big task in itself. After completion of Engineering you want to relax, but realise that life and the struggles have now began!

‘What should I do after Engineering’ is the troublesome question harassed by most of the engineering graduates. Most of the Engineering Graduates choose one of the two options; one is to take up a job or second is to dream of higher studies.

Have you ever given a thought of learning German Language?

About 17000 students, many of them are having Engineering background, have started with learning German Language. Learning German will open a plethora of opportunities for Engineering Graduates.

Learning German Language for higher studies

Most of the German Institutes require that the students have a basic knowledge of the Language before they join the higher courses. Learning German will open the doors of Universities and Institutes in Germany for you to pursue higher studies.

Learning German Language for professional growth

There about 300 MNCs in India which have originally German. Learning German Language will make your entry into these MNCs much easier for you. Also, if you want to find a job in Germany you will need to know the Language.

Learning German Language for Personal Development

As said by Goethe, “Learning a foreign Language opens a window on another world.” By learning the Language, you would be able to understand a new culture, tradition, countries, people, and a lot more. Your interest to understand the economics, history, art, culture of this new country would be triggered. This knowledge will transform yourself.

Learning German for Engineering Students

So, do you need any more reasons to start your studies in German Language? Reasons could vary but the decision would be one – Learn German and get hold of your life and experience your dreams coming true.

IT professionals in Germany – pain point

Why IT professionals should learn German Language

The pain point of IT professionals in Germany is the Language. They have to travel to Germany one every few months for about weeks together. In office, where there are mostly Germans, you may feel lonely as most of the times they would speak in their native Language. In the office at least at times they realise that you don’t know the Language and speak in English but what happens on weekends when there is no office?

You feel like going to a bakery to have a snack and the person doesn’t understand what you want. He doesn’t know English Language and you don’t know German…. The frustration at this point is too high.

The only answer lies in learning the Language. If you have to stay in Germany for a couple of days for any reason, Vacation, Professional or studies; its better to learn German Language to feel at home in Germany.

Why IT Graduates should learn German Language

Similarly, if you are an IT Graduate and want to travel to Germany for higher studies or for job opportunities, you should know the basic German Language. If you are applying for higher studies most of the German Universities and Institutes require that you know the basic level of German Language. You would have to appear for basic German Language exams at any recognised German Language Institute and furnish a certificate from them about your German Language skills.

Now you would know that learning German Language will ease your path towards working in German Companies and higher studies in Germany and boast your career!