Germany has more than two hundred thirty million speakers. You can also learn German for getting better career opportunities. You can learn German for the following ten reasons.

Why learn German- 10 Compelling Reasons:

  • German comes from the same family as of English

English and German have almost the same DNA. If you are someone who speaks English, you will find it easy to master the German language. In addition, twenty percent of the vocabulary in English has similar roots with Germany. This makes German the best language for English learners.

  • Making money

You can learn German to make more money. German speakers have a total earning of 125,000 euros including bonuses. Along with the United States, Germany is one of the largest trading partners of Europe. Hence, making money is easy for speakers of the German language.

  • Career opportunities

As German is an attractive language, most companies around the world are on the lookout for German speakers. That is why most international corporations are connected with Germany.

  • Second popular language in Science

During the 20th century, Germany served as an official language in the scientific world. Because of the World War II events, Germany was ostracized. However, it still remains the second most used language.

  • Studying in Germany

If you know German, you can take admission in Germany’s top universities for your B.A., M.A., Doctoral, and Post-doctorate degrees.

  • German culture

You can learn the philosophy, art, movie, music, and literature of Germany if you know German.

  • German innovators

Many innovators who are now famous happen to be German. This includes Mozart, Nietzsche, Beethoven, and Freud. When you will learn German, you will be able to have more access to them.

  • Most used language

One hundred million people speak German locally while there are one hundred eighty-five million speakers globally.

  • Global career

You can get a job in the top institutes of Germany.

  • Travel and connect

Traveling and connecting will people in Germany will offer you a fresh perspective of their language.


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