The German language may seem like any other foreign language to you but do you know adding this one language as an extra language in your resume can multiply your benefits in your already existing options or add more options to your available choices? Here are 10 compelling reasons that just might persuade you to learn German.

Job Opportunities.

Germany’s own Federal Employment Agency estimates that in order to meet its labor need, the nation requires approximately 400,000 skilled immigrants to migrate there annually. Along with being skilled and having relevant degrees, the only condition that they put forward to candidates is they should also know the German language, in order to bridge the gap between its national and international workers. Pretty standard right?

Free and Quality education.

Tuition fees for undergraduate students at all public German institutions were removed by all 16 states of Germany in 2014. This means everyone can study for free in Germany! That’s right, Germans, Europeans, and all non-Europeans can study in Germany for free, without having to pay tuition fees. With only a nominal charge per semester to pay administration fees and other expenditures, Germany provides its national and as well as international students with the best quality education.

The German Language is easy to learn!

The entire Internet seems to be set ablaze these days with its memes on how difficult it is to both pronounce and learn German, rest assured that it is one of the easiest languages to learn, and for its pronunciation, leave it to your teachers to train you! German is the fourth easiest language to learn if you are already an English speaker. This is due to the fact that German and English share the same Germanic root! As a result, there are thousands of words that are closely related to each other, for example, in German water becomes Wasser, sister becomes Schwester, while father becomes Vater. Furthermore, unlike in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Arabic, there is no new alphabet or whole new script to learn; instead, only four letters are added in the German Language. You already are aware of German letters if you know English, the letters are just pronounced differently here.

German Culture:

If you are fond of Europe and European culture, you will undoubtedly fall in love with Germany, which has a fascinating culture. Germany has a long and rich history, and it has been the heart of European ideas, politics, and art for almost 1,000 years. Even today, the culture is celebrated through its arts, museums, and festivals. This history has shaped a culture that combines literature, art, philosophy, logic, and reason, as well as a love of beer and sausages!

The German language is the second most used language on the Internet!

If you are someone who likes to broaden your social group, you would want to learn German. Because according to Statista, after English, German is the language spoken most on the internet. Also, the German’s ‘.de’ domain is the most popular domain after ‘.com’! Isn’t that fascinating? What better way could be to increase your friend circle while just sitting at home and surfing the internet? This means you also get the opportunity to practice the language with many native speakers.

Hub for Science and Research.

As you already know that Germany provides free and quality education, which attracts researchers and scientists from all over the world who want resources but are short on capital. Hence Germany is a popular location for Ph.D. students, postdoctoral researchers, and senior scientists. The country is known as the land of invention and innovation, and as a doorway for all those who want to explore the unknown world of science. Germany is the third greatest donor to R&D and provides research fellowships to international scientists. Along with that German is the second most widely used scientific language after English.

Job opportunities worldwide.

German corporations are the world’s most respected and trustworthy firms, providing solutions in a variety of industries such as automobiles and information technology. This has resulted in the companies expanding all over the world. This not only allows job seekers to work in Germany, but it also allows them to work anywhere throughout the globe. Apart from the requisite skills, the sole requirement from these companies is for you to be fluent in the German Language.

Germans are everywhere.

Whether it be in Europe or America, Germans are everywhere due to their nature of adaptability and they quite leave an impression on others with their presence due to their punctuality and ethics. This makes them easily likable and friendly. Hence you can find them everywhere! Also, a rather fun fact is that Germans are the ultimate travelers, with nearly six weeks of annual leave from work and a greater average salary than most other countries, they live their best life vacationing! This means that there’s a good chance you’ll stumble into a German speaker either on a business trip or on vacation. Germans are very warm and welcoming towards the one who speaks their language (Who isn’t?). You will make great friends everywhere you go if you know the German language.

Business Opportunities.

Germany has the third largest economy in the world and is the economic powerhouse of the European Union. Not only this but Berlin, the capital of Germany is the magnet for endless opportunities and resources. Did you know that every 20 minutes, a new startup gets founded in Berlin? Because Berlin is a city with a low cost of living yet a high standard of living. Berlin is known for liberal thinking and is the coolest city in central Europe, in addition to having affordable rent. Berlin can be the city where your dream comes true if you have an idea that you’re sure will be the next unicorn.

Literature and art.

Polke, Grass, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Brahms, Schumann, and Wagner, this is just a small list of famous German composers, artists, writers, and scholars. You can enjoy their first-hand work without having to get it translated by someone. There’s no need to be concerned about information getting lost in translation! Also every year, over 80,000 new novels are published in Germany, with only a small percentage of them being translated into other languages. Learning German will allow you to enjoy these treasures whenever you choose.

There are several other compelling reasons to invest in this language. Not just linguistically, but also in terms of career prospects, networking opportunities, and cultural advancement. No matter whichever reason you decide to learn the German language, your choice will always turn out to be beneficial. All the best, Happy learning!

You can contact the Asap German Language Institute in Pune. if you are interested in learning about Germany.