Germany has always been dominating economic hubs across the European continent. Federal leaders of Germany has managed to thrive in the business world in a strong manner. There a plethora of world-leading companies originated in Germany across several techs and scientific research campaigns.

So to fulfill this whole lot of skilled professionals shortage in the STEM fields ultimately made Germany a top destination among job seekers across the world. German federals then announced this long-stay job seeker visa for skilled international professionals to enter Germany for employment metrics.

A German job seeker visa entitles you to attend an interview at the company of your choice but you’re not supposed to work at any organization under a German job seeker visa.

With this visa, you can retain a tenure of 6 months in Germany to look out for employment in the German job sector.

However, if you’re unable to ace any interview within the seeking tenure, you need to leave for your home country before your visa expires. And if you’ve found the legit job then you need to apply for a German work permit or a say a work visa.

Today we will uncover each aspect of everything about the job seeker visa process, benefits, and many things that you can benefit from. And by the end of this, you’ll be well aware of each aspect of covering the job-seeking process in Germany.

Let’s get started…

Why should you reach out to a German job seeker visa only?

Well, it’s always less when it comes to praise the german economy and their economical work-approach. Nonetheless, here are some key points that can help you understand what I’m talking about:

  • Acute shortage of skilled professionals means a fruitful career everywhere you employ in Germany. To fulfill this shortage the authorities welcome skilled people across the globe to cater to a fruitful career and living a lavish lifestyle in Germany.
  • Germany has been the world’s livable cities to cater to a well-paying career with loads of places to venture.
  • Average gross pays in STEM sectors of Germany is quite liable across other competitive destinations, and there’s a never-ending demand for skilled professionals there.
  • An estimated 1.2 million jobs are vacant in the German job market as per surveys conducted in 2019. What else is stopping you not to fly there?
  • The cost of living on average is very decent across other European countries with better accommodations and nice people.
  • With the modest unemployment rate of 3.6%, Germany has thousands of career opportunities for almost any profession.

Eligibility Criteria: German Job Seeker Visa

These are some lowest academic and experience bars settled by the German federals to certify their aspirants for the job seeker visa. Here’s a listicle briefing the same.

  • At least a Bachelor’s or master’s degree from a recognized university in the STEM(Science, technology, engineering, and Mathematics) sectors. It could be a german university or any recognized international university.
  • Minimum 2+ years of professional experience in the relevant field of your study field
  • Proof of financial resources to cover you up for at least the first year of your employment tenure in Germany.
  • Proof of your medical health insurance from a recognized german healthcare firm.

These are the classified bars federals have mentioned to make aspirants eligible to apply for a german job seeker visa.

Application Process: German Job Seeker Visa

The application process for the job seeker visa is quite similar across all other types of visa applications you can apply to stay in Germany.

However, a general job seeker visa application process acquires these few steps mentioned below:

Duly fill the Application Form:

As the base of any application process, you need to fill the application form concisely and carefully online. And once you’re done with the form print the application twice, and self attests at the back.

Take Appointment at the German Embassy:

The next step involves an appointment scheduled at your native german embassy. Appointment, on average, takes up to 3 months to get scheduled to appear. Always stay updated with the documentation requirements at the embassy’s official website.

Bind Out the Required Documents:

Gather the below-mentioned documents in a patterned manner and put them in a file to present it at the embassy.

  • Two copies of your visa application form
  • Valid Passport( in case of empty visa bring the old passport along)
  • Three Passport-sized photographs
  • Proof of Education Recognition
  • Proof of Financial Repository( preferably booked in a blocked German bank account.
  • Proof of residential accommodations in Germany
  • Your German health insurance certificate
  • Cover Letter for the approval
  • Up-to-date Curriculum vitae

Important Tip- Your health insurance from the german insurance company must validate your health safety of the six months after the date of your arrival. This is to make sure that you’ll be medically safe throughout the job-seeking tenure at German land.

How to Prove your Financial Stability for German Job Seeker Visa?

To officially prove that you’re able to back up with financial support, you can follow this approach to highly sky-rocket your chances of visa approval.

  1. A Blocked German Bank Account
  2. Valid Bank Statement
  3. A letter of Sponsorship

The sole focus of the federals is to ensure you meet the actual financial resources to cover up your journey at the German land seeking for employment.

The minimum financial bar set by the German embassy’s is a minimum of 853 Euros a month. You need to appear a sum amount of 5118 Euros for 6 months tenure of your employment search

Final Interview: German Job Seeker Visa

Show up at the embassy for the final interview after approval of the visa application at the right time. They have the right to reject your interview if you anyhow showed up late without can contact.

Your cover letter and Cv should contain the right information with the right consent written over the cover letter about your consent of traveling to Germany. As we’re talking about the study visa, your cover letter must reflect your prudently planned employment approach during the job search in the German companies.

Don’t forget to bring along all the necessary documents required that you need to show up during the interview at the German Embassy in your home country.

Final Financial Settlement: German Job Seeker Visa

Pay the needed expenses for the application of a German Job seeker visa. A receipt issued for the payment will be needed in the future to certify the applicant’s credibility. Keep the receipt somewhere safe.

Find yourself a nice paying job in regards to your expertise. Once you get the job offer, you need to show up at the federal’s office to apply for the employment residence permit. You can apply for the employment residence permit. More preferably, you must apply for an EU Blue card that comes with additional benefits like applying for a permanent residence permit tenure reduces to 2.5 years rather than a normal requirement of 5 years.

EU Blue Card Issuance Eligibility

In order to be eligible to apply for the EU Blue card, the gross annual salary classified in your offer letter must be a minimum of 55,200 Euros. Professionals in the STEM fields need to acquire a gross annual salary package of 43,506 Euros.

Frequently Asked Questions: All About German Job Seeker Visa

Is it necessary to prove your German proficiency for the Job Seeker Visa?

The answer is no, you don’t need to show any language proficiency certificates at the embassy interview. To qualify for the job seeker visa, your English proficiency is enough to validate your credibility. However, having a German proficiency sets you apart from the crowd and you can even land high paying jobs at the top German companies.

Can I Employ Myself with a Job Seeker Visa?

No, you’re supposed to inform the authorities to work at the German land and also you need to apply for the employment residential permit to start working with any German firm.

What is the total cost to apply for a job seeker visa?

The German visa application will cost you around 75 Euros. The fees are non-refundable and in case of application getting rejected, there won’t be any reimbursement on the fees.

Do I really Need to Apply for a Job Seeker Visa?

It readily complies with your geolocation and nationality. Nationals of EU/EEA and Switzerland can seek employment in Germany without any visa requirements. Nationals of Japan, Australia, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, and Israel can also enter Germany without any visa requirements.

Can I extend my visa If got failed to find a job in the six months?

No. the limit has sat to be 6 months by the German federals, and if you’re unable to employ yourself in these 6 months, then you’ll be asked to leave the country before your visa expiration.

However, you can re-apply for a visa under the same procedure.

How long does it take to adhere to a German Job Seeker Visa?

It can nearly take 4 to 6 weeks for the visa application results to show up on your screen. Sometimes due to a lack of missing documents, the application results can partially get delayed due to the insufficiency of required documents.

Make sure you’ve included all the necessary documents for the visa application to process smoothly without any hurdles.