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ASAP has extensive experience in the provision of training German Language courses. Client companies can have their staff trained in small groups to raise the level of their language ability to a target standard. German training courses can be arranged for any number of staff and tailored to the strategic requirements of the client company.

Corporate group training programs can be held on a company’s premises (in-company language courses) or at our institute. In-company language training can support a company’s training strategy in various ways. For example, it can develop the Business Language skills of a group of people working together on a particular project, or all the staff in a department where German is required in a variety of Business activities.

Course: German Language for a Corporate Group

Location: Company’s offices or at ASAP training centers

Group Size: Depending on levels (A1 to B2) – usually 6 to 20 Students

Schedule: To suit your requirements

Who should attend? – people with a current or possible future need to use German language in their work. – people committed to learning and able to make time available regularly to attend all the training. – people whose language levels and needs enable them to be matched together in compatible groups.

Course program- In company language training needs careful planning. A language audit is carried out by ASAP staff (based on the ASAP competence levels chart). This can help the client company to decide the training needs and targets for their staff. ASAP training consultant will then advise on suitable group sizes, and on how to arrange groups with the same language level and the same learning objectives such as writing skills, speaking in business meetings or on the telephone. The length of each course will depend on the training objectives of the client. For more information, please contact – ASAP Institute, Pune.


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